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Messed up 2nd class Pillars


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It's hard to tell from the images but I suspect it's enamel rot.

There was a cased example that went unsold at an Italian auction a couple of years ago which was perfect except for the fact the red enamel looked like the surface of the moon.

It seemed unusual at the time given the usual quality of Japanese manufactured insignia. But with this example, it's not a one-off.

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Would anyone know what is the likely cause of enamel rot?

Is it an imperfect curing process? Or perhaps using a silver metal alloy with impurities?

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Could be enamel composition + explosure to external factors ...

That's my guess too. Something about that particular enamel and something in the environment - perhaps extremes in temp. and humidity, and that cycle occurring for years???

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Another variant - long exposure to direct sun rays

Do you have any evidence for that?

Enamel is one of the most UV resistant substances. The color will never fade.

But if you are right and the UV radiation is responsible for the 'corrosion' that will only be the case if the enamel was polluted in the first place.

As far as I know the reason for the 'corrosion' is an impure enamel powder + a prolonged stay in a moist environment.

+ Of course after centuries or millennia even well made glass (and enamel is not much different than that) will 'corrode' when exposed to the elements (cf. glass made during the medieval or ancient times)

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Yea, right :lol:
They found it in the Czech republic a couple of years ago.
In the pound.
It was awarded in May 1942 to a partisan scout for the destruction of the german train loaded with tanks, guns and ammunition.
How and why this star ended in the Czech pond - nobody knows ;)
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