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    Staff officers cap circa pre WWI

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    A new addition to my collection, which has featured in a recent book on British officer caps. It is probably dated to just prior to the great war or perhaps from the early post war period. It is made by Hawkes & Co with their new address (at the time) of #1 Saville Rd, late of 14 Picadilly and a pattern apllied date of 1912. It is a staff officers forage cap, rather than a Brigadier or Colonels so does not have the braid on the peak. the khaki version without braid is more commonly seen but these can also be found sometimes, another one sold recently on the bay. It has buttons for George V so that confirms it dates to between 1912, from the pattern date and 1936 when George V died, though as I mentioned above I tend to think a date of circa 1912-1914 is most likely. I have included two pictures of it alongside the book in which it appears.

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    I saw this cap in the book that you reference, this has to be a quite scarce cap, as opposed to those will the gold braid peak.


    Thanks Bob, by a strange coincidence I saw another example for sale recently, probably post WWI from the look of it, but the same as this, a staff officers forage/dress cap.

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    A good example Jerry. I was wondering if the peak has been slightly changed - seems very high. Maybe he was

    Guards - they seem to go for this look ? Mervyn

    Thanks Mervyn.

    I am not sure what you mean by the peak being high? The guards units tend to have a very vertical peak from what I have observed, whilst this falls within the "normal" range of peak angles, some are nearly horizontal, whilst others are more drooping with those for the guards being as close to vertical as it is possible to get it.

    A Welsh Guards example from 1958 at top left, note the angle of the peak when compared with other caps. Also note another staff officers cap at bottom left has a similar angle to the thread starter as do all those in the bottom row. (6 out of the 9 caps shown belong to me, the other images are from my reference collection.)

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    I have another staff officers cap from WWI on its way to me, it should have arrived today and he was ex Welsh Guards but it appears from the sellers pics to have a very flat peak. In the hand will tell and I'll start a thread on it when it arrives as the owner had a very colourful life in war and peace.

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