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  1. I believe the plate may well be that of a SNCO; perhaps he attached the boss as a personal affectation. It's been on there a long time.
  2. Looks like it might read Stab; staff or HQ of IR ( infantry regt}. 115. BobS
  3. I managed to acquire this other ranks review order czapka for the 9th ( Queen's Royal ) Lancers on Ebay. It has a Victorian plate, so it is pre-1902 issue. Bob S
  4. Yes, indeed, a great and comprehensive study; looking forward to it's completion.
  5. I must say that I do not understand collecting only Victory Medals, as opposed to the recipient's full medal entitlement, be it a BWM & VM pair, a 14-15 trio, or a 14 trio. Many fine WWI groups or pairs are still very reasonable in price, and can be found all over the internet, from dealers to auction houses, to Ebay. Personally, I would be most unhappy with an incomplete pair or group.
  6. Blue piping is the arm of service color for the Luftwaffe Medical branch; no direct correlation to officer candidate rank insignia. The shoulder boards are for rank of leutnant; perhaps the owner wore his branch piped cap for some time after being commissioned. Officially, he should have an all silver piped cap. Very nice cap; LW officer candidate caps are quite scarce, especially with the bullion insignia.
  7. Cap is actually for an officer candidate, as all Luftwaffe officers had silver piping on their dress caps, save generals, who had all gold insignia & piping. It was common for nco officer candidates to upgrade their arm of service caps, here blue for medical, with officer's bullion badges and silver chincord & side buttons. These officer candidate caps do seem to be quite scarce; I cannot recall seeing one for sale in many years.
  8. No RZM tags in authentic Waffen-SS caps. In Allgemeine-SS caps, yes.
  9. There are a number of examples of this badge for sale on Ebay UK currently.
  10. Congratulations, a great pick up. This medal also appears to be in very good condition. Now, if you can locate his Waterloo Medal.......
  11. Apologies for the delayed response. Looking at the cap in question in better light, the shade of blue now looks more blue grey in shade, and not a true pale blue. I am befuddled, given the hussar type silver side buttons, as I am no longer convinced that the cap is for the Northumberland Hussars. A complete reference source on Yeomanry uniforms seems to be nonexistent. BobS
  12. A belated question; is French grey actually just a shade of light blue, or is it more of a blue grey shade? BobS
  13. I just acquired what is described as a senior officer's dress peaked cap for the short-lived Glider Pilot Regiment, on Ebay. Sorry about lack of photos, but the cap is dark blue, with a light blue band & piping, and gold edging to the peak, for major & above. The badge appears to be correct, but the side buttons are plain silver domed, hussar-type buttons. I assumed that this regiment wore only the beret, even in full dress, a la the AAC. Methinks the cap may actually be for the Northumberland Hussars. Any opinions appreciated.
  14. A very nice officer's cap, but the top cockade should have a red center, correct for the Reichskokarde, seen on all caps. The silver & black lower kokarde is correct for Prussian officers.
  15. I presume you are referring to the Bavarian Leibgarde der Hartschiere? Here is my peaked cap for this very small unit; the only one I have ever seen. BobS
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