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    Victorian Welsh regiment volunteer battalion officers glengarry

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    An officers Glengarry cap, which during the period was worn by most units of British infantry, officers had silk trim and OR's were leather trimmed but like the officers version had silk tails. On OR's version there was often not a backing for the badge, though this example has a red backing patch and the rosette that became common for all ranks in the later period, when this type of cap became something only worn by Scottish units to this day.

    The badge is in silver which denotes it was for an officer in a Volunteer battalion of the Welsh Regiment and dates to the period 1881 to 1896, though it is likely to be from nearer the end of the period, as it has the correctly translated version of the motto.

    This is a fairly rare cap, being more than circa 120 years old and as a collector of both headgear and Welsh items, I am very pleased and somewhat surprised to have picked it up.

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    A great acquisition, and, as you say, quite rare. Congratulations.


    Thanks Bob.

    For me the best pick up of the year, though I have picked up so many fine caps this year that it is hard to chose just one.

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