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    Unknown air force badge - Any idea?

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    Hello Gentlemen,

    Does anybody know this badge?

    Obviously an Air Force one, possibly of an instructor (see the torch), but from which country?

    Thanks for letting me know.



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    It has an Italian look to me... The flames of the torch look very much like the flaming bomb on some Italian badges. I haven't found the badge, but it is similar to these Italian badges and wings:

    "Badge, Strategic Reconnaissance, Italian Air Force (Regia Aeronautica)"

    Italian Pilot Wings 1923-35

    Italian Pilot Wings 1935-43

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    Thank you all for your help and for the Italian lead.

    It eventually help me find THE solution:

    it is an Italian beret badge worn by members of the Italian Army Air Force (link: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aviazione_dell'Esercito).

    See below a similar badge sold on eBay.it by 'italiamilitare': Fregio da Basco AVIAZIONE DELL'ESERCITO aves in Metallo e Nuovo

    All the best,

    Jean-Samuel Karlen

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