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    BRD Commendation?

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    A few bits for a Bundy lad. There is a pile of other paper too mostly relating to education and courses etc.

    A 'promotion' to Private?

    Sorry about the scans, the doc in the folder is quite plush really! Big gold eagle on the front.

    Jock :)

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    Hello Jock.

    Thanks for showing, first for me ever.

    The first document certifies the holder's change from draftee to that of a regular army or serving above the duration limit.of draftees.

    The second document certifies his rank of rifleman into this new service obligation.

    Everything has to be done only one way and that is the right way.

    Bernhard H. Holst

    Edited by Bernhard H.Holst
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    Thanks for the clarification. Your countrymen certainly do love their paperwork, nothing has cahnged there then (LOL).

    Promotion within the British army up to Warrent officer, you get nothing, after that you get a photocopy A4 page that is allegedly the Queens Warrant, I think mine is still in its cadboard tube thing that it came in, the tube thing cost more than the A4 sheet it contained. Still its good to save on costs I suppose!

    Jock :)

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