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    Two British badges to share.... OTC

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    Dear all,

    Because busy times in the college and home, I am not much around here these days. Every now and then I am able to hop here just for a quick browse.

    Now, to contribute even a little, I think I share two badges that I picked up a week ago. I like my collectable items with some small "twist" or something that is not so common on collector's field (I don't mean rarity). Just some things with a different angle perhaps.

    Here are two Officer Training Corps cap badges. I haven't seen much OTC stuff here so lets share the stuff what you have guys!

    (if any of you have Dublin Trinity College OTC badge, then I would like to talk seriously :whistle:).

    All the best,


    1. Mount St.Mary's College. Worn by Spinkhill Derbyshire OTC.

    2. St.Lawrence OTC from Ramsgate, Kent

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    School Cadet Corps and OTC's are very collectable fields - and not always easy to obtain. Keep looking for them

    and then you could mount and sell them as a collection ?

    Hope your studies are coming along well - time is always a problem, however, it is good when you can keep in touch. Mervyn

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