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    Campaign Clasp Tonkin


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    Hello Gents and collector friends,

    I have a question to my Tonkin clasp.

    Is it possible to date or find out who was the producer ?

    It deviates from other campaign clasps for the Médaille Coloniale.

    All thoughts and opinions apprechiated.

    Kind regards


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    According to "La Médaille coloniale - Guide du collectionneur" by Patric Binet (p.131), this particular type of casp for TONKIN was produced by Ferdinand Rottarch

    Edited by Odulf
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    I am afraid it is Mourgeon and not F. Rottarch. The pearls around the frame are typical Mourgeon's style, which makes easy identification.

    Titles are above the pictures in the book of Patrick Binet.



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    Periods of operations in Tonkin to be awarded the clasp corresponding to this Mourgeon design:

    - JAN 1917 to JUL 1919

    - SEP 1919 to APR 1920

    - DEC 1920 to MAR 1921

    - OCT 1921

    - JAN 1922

    - APR 1922

    - JAN 1927 to DEC 1927

    - FEB 1928 to MAY 1928



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