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    I'm glad you're here because I have a question about the Perth's in the Second World War. I served with 4RCR when it was still wearing the fusilier hackle in the beret. We had one officer parading out of Stratford who was a former Perth. We also had a pipe band which we inherited when the Perth's were placed on the supplementary order of battle and its personnel were rebadged to RCR.

    My question is: Was The Perth Regiment a Highland or Scottish regiment during the war? Or was the Highland / Scottish affectation as a result of its short-lived post-war amalgamation with the Highland Light Infantry of Canada?

    Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Dan The unit did make a decision late in 1944 to become a Highland unit and it was approved by National Defence HQ on April 1 1945 the new badge was not approved by general order unit Mar 1948 ... the Perths had been affiliated with the Scottish Cameronians since 1930 ... so it made sense for the change

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