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    Making sense of an aerial photo - 1916

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    I am trying to identify the precise location being photographed here, but unfortunately I'm having trouble reading the handwriting below the section marked 'nähere Bezeichnung'. Also, can someone tell me what the writing on the actual photo means - it looks like Neusser-Weg, Glücksburger-Weg, Plöner-Weg, etc.

    Does this make any sense???



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    Hello Matt.

    The inscription reds:

    Geheim ( Secret)0

    Aufgenommen von Lt.v.Rottenburg

    Eigene Stellungen oestlich Gluecksbuerger Eck

    I cannot read the writing indicating the several positions. Oftentimes ones own positions received their own names utilized for identification purposes combined with cover-ups.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    Hi guys,

    Bernhard - thanks for the translation. It is possible that the place-names on the photo are pseudonyms.

    Tony - I believe this to be the plate (photo) number, 831.

    I don't know what aerodrome FFA 11 occupied on 30th March, but in mid-January 1916 they were in the Oise department of Picardy (Nothern France).

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    The Picardy sounds like a good place to start. Perhaps you'll turn up some of those trench names.

    Do you know this site? http://library.mcmaster.ca/maps/ww1/ndx5to40.htmalthough it may only have allied maps.

    Only some maps here are German and those that are, are mostly 1918 but you never know http://www.army.gov.au/Our-history/Primary-Materials/World-War-One-1914-to-1918/Maps

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