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  1. Lt dR Walter Weiss, from the Stettin General-Anzeiger. This might be the same Lt dR Weiss noted in the MWB for 31st Oct 1918. https://digitale-bibliothek-mv.de/viewer/fullscreen/PPN800155572_1918/103/
  2. A new name, although I did not find any confirmation in the regimental history - Lt dR Gerhard Morisse (see page 168):- https://noa.gwlb.de/servlets/MCRFileNodeServlet/Document_derivate_00000107/00000501-1.pdf
  3. A couple more first names from the Solinger Anzeiger (dated 29 May & 03 June respectively). Lt dR Karl Marschall and Oblt dR Otto Ludwig (Ludwigs?).
  4. A new first name, and one to add to my list of flyers! Lt dR Fritz Rehorn. From the Solinger Zeitung 31st Aug 1918. Probably the Lt dR Rehhorn mentioned in the MWB dated 19th Oct 1918.
  5. Hi Dave, Thanks for the additional info on Albert Schmidt, and sorry I got his name wrong. Here is a new name - Otto Mossdorf. The website also mentions Heinz Schimming whose gravestone was posted by Komtur on 29th Nov 2020. http://www.denkfried.de/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Kreuzberg_halleschetor.html Best Regards, Matt.
  6. Good detective work! His name is Dietrich Eggers, according to the verlustlisten. Ok I have another Schmidt - I believe his first name is Waldemar Schmidt from IR 75. This is from the Bremer Zeitung dated 01st December 1942. Perhaps someone can provide more details on this man.
  7. A first name - Lt dR Martin Schmidt from IR 20 (MWB dated 17/Aug/1918). From Karsdorf as per the verlustlisten. See pages 8-10 of the attachment. http://idb.ub.uni-tuebingen.de/opendigi/LXV304a-22#p=14
  8. Here is the death notice for Kaspar Gerlach Hi all, I have a note that Konrad Grassmann served in FAR 36 and FAR 259. I also have a Hptm Wilhelm Grassmann from IR 28 & Inf-Btn 703 as receiving the HOH3x. But I'm not sure where I got this information from!
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