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  1. A first name: Lt dR Georg Böhm, Schlesische Zeitung 24.06.1918. And a couple of award documents - Hptm Erich Anderson & Major Walter Aust (also some nice photos). https://www.emedals.com/germany-imperial-a-collection-of-documents-to-major-erich-anderson-109500 https://www.typografie.info/3/topic/32232-handschriftliche-eintragungen-auf-fotos-ww-i-schwer-zu-entziffern-…/
  2. A very stern-looking man. The 3rd & 4th medals appear to be identical, to my untrained eye. Does anyone know what awards these are on his ribbon bar?
  3. I'm feeling left out! Some award docs for Hptm Fritz v Steuben (the KO3 is not his):- https://www.hermann-historica.de/de/auctions/lot/id/304294
  4. Kurt von Obernitz (born 1878) from https://www.geni.com/photo/view/6000000111128294821?album_type=photos_of_me&photo_id=6000000111241766843
  5. Another first name - Lt dR (or should it be Lt dL?) Waldemar John. His picture also appears in 'Der Welt Spiegel' dated 15th April 1915. https://www.kreisheimatverein.de/online-bibliothek/biografien-2/john/ https://dfg-viewer.de/show?tx_dlf[double]=0&tx_dlf[id]=https%3A%2F%2Fcontent.staatsbibliothek-berlin.de%2Fzefys%2FSNP27646518-19150415-0-0-0-0.xml&tx_dlf[page]=2&cHash=a7d9549f2b55e18bdbece082f8f22823
  6. A new first name - Lt dR Louis Schuchardt, from the Kasseler Neueste Nachrichten dated 13th Dec 1917. He was also awarded the SMK whilst with RIR 233 (Erfurter Allgemeiner Anzeiger publication dated 21st June 1915).
  7. Hi all, There was a small book about IR 149 on ebay some time ago. One of the pictures shows Oblt Baske wearing the Prussian observer's badge. I don't have any more info on him, and unfortunately the seller did not reply to my requests for information. But at least I can add another Fliegertruppe officer to my Hohenzollern recipients list.
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