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  1. Hi Andreas, Thanks for your reply. Hi David, I'm not sure. But the man's name should give the answer providing it can be deciphered.
  2. Hi Christophe, Thanks for the confirmation! Ok here is a list of HOH3x recipients from IR 75. Unfortunately I don't own the book.
  3. Hi Christophe, We discussed this mystery man briefly on page 16. Here is a snippet relating to Lt dR Adolf Motsch, but I'm not sure if the award should be the HOH3x or the HEK3x. I couldn't find his name in the Militär-Wochenblatt. Best Regards, Matt.
  4. Hi Dave, Nice explanation and photo. Do you know if the 1914-1918 Bavarian Verordnungsblatt are available to view online? Matt.
  5. Hi OvBacon, Thanks for the additional photos of Wulf. Hi Gunnar, Thank you for confirming the AH award. This makes it more likely that it's him, although he should be wearing the retired aviator's badge as you say.
  6. Hi P.F., Thanks for the extra career info. I would just like to add that a helpful member of another forum informed me that the sixth medal on his uniform is the Prussian lifesaving medal. Also that the wartime photograph of Josef Wulf comes from the website buddecke.de. Matt.
  7. Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply - I am very pleased that you confirmed the BMV4x, which is new information for me. So far then he is the only WW1 pilot whose awards match those being worn by the man in this photo. I have also included a wartime photo of Rittm Wulf for comparison. Matt.
  8. Hi all, This man was in Dragoner-Regt 22 and later served in several flying units during WW1. I was wondering if anyone knows his date of birth and what awards he earned? Thanks a lot, Matt.
  9. Hi Daniel, Yes it certainly seems probable that the award was approved either just before or just after his death. Hi Dave, Thanks for the extra career info. You are correct in your assumption regarding his other awards. I found this in another newspaper dated 31st October 1918:-
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