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  1. Hi, I don't have much really. He began the war as head of FFA 7 before before becoming Stofl 1 in 1915. I have a note that he was CO of FEA 1 around 1915-1916 when Friedrich Mallinckrodt made some flights. Possibly also CO of FFA 19 but no dates and not confirmed. Promoted Major on 18 Oct 1918.
  2. I think this is Lt dR Philipp Höhn, brother? of Jasta ace Fritz Höhn. They both served in 7 Garde-Inf-Rgt.
  3. Hello all, Many thanks for your replies. I suspected he had the HOH3x, but I couldn't find confirmation anywhere. I also have him as CO of FA 4 in May 1917, but I don't know how long he stayed in this unit. His brother Alfred is interesting too. He also appears to have had come connection with the air service....
  4. Hi all, Just reviving this old thread. Here is the man in question, and I have also attached a document of Kasta 18 signed by a Hptm Wegener. Are they the same person? Any additional info is welcomed
  5. Thanks for the added info about Brix. Ok just a few more first names - Hptm dR Otto Hobrecker https://zeitpunkt.nrw/ulbms/periodical/zoom/5649400 Lt dR Ernst Krämer https://digital.staatsbibliothek-berlin.de/werkansicht?PPN=PPN771019734&PHYSID=PHYS_0001&view=fulltext-parallel Lt dR Anton Perrar (as per verlustlisten):- https://zeitpunkt.nrw/ulbbn/periodical/zoom/3840290 Lt dR Franz Schencking https://zeitpunkt.nrw/ulbms/periodical/zoom/5650007 Lt dR Guido Seifert https://zs.thulb.uni-jena.de/rsc/viewer/jportal_derivate_00283043/Frem
  6. Some first names. Lt dL August Dickert. https://sammlungen.hebis.de/hebis-ffm/periodical/pageview/2760?query=Dickert https://sammlungen.hebis.de/hebis-ffm/periodical/pageview/1303357?query=Dickert Lt dR Ludwig Mütze (see towards bottom left) https://digital.staatsbibliothek-berlin.de/werkansicht?PPN=PPN769979122&PHYSID=PHYS_0048&view=fulltext-parallel Lt dL Georg Viergutz. Plus AH award. The second attachment also has a Lt dR Gustav Albrecht - is he a new name? https://digital.zlb.de/viewer/image/16317961_1917/301/LOG_0027/ https:
  7. Not confirmed yet, but the Hptm dR Decker in MWB 21.11.18 could be Franz Decker. He is mentioned in the Kölner Lokal-Anzeiger dated 06.1.1916. Difficult to read, but it mentions his awards up to this time.
  8. Hi Christophe, Very nice photo and excellent detective work! I love seeing photos of actual awards being worn, rather than just the ribbon bar
  9. A new one - Lt Karl Plauth https://www.europeana.eu/en/item/9200338/BibliographicResource_3000126344277
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