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  1. Hi all, Here are two more names: Hptm von und zu Schachten, and Lt dR Paul Hommel. I presume the Lt Hertel mentioned just after Hptm Schachten is the same man we discussed earlier? https://digital.blb-karlsruhe.de/blbz/periodical/pageview/2023321 https://digital.blb-karlsruhe.de/blbz/periodical/pageview/5800545
  2. Thanks Dave. He certainly seems to have moved around a lot. On to my next find - Lt Ernst Goll https://digital.blb-karlsruhe.de/blbz/periodical/zoom/2023928
  3. Hi all, Not sure if you have this one? Lt dR Karl (?) Hertel :- https://digital.blb-karlsruhe.de/blbz/periodical/pageview/2480000?query=hansorden
  4. Hi webr55, Sounds like a good idea in theory. But as there are so many regimental histories, it would probably take too long to list the ones that haven't been researched yet. Here is an interesting obituary notice for Lt Hermann Runge.
  5. Great stuff. Here's another - Hptm dR Rüffer, mentioned in Schleschische Zeitung Nr 576 dated 10th Nov 1918:-
  6. Hi Dave, Thanks for the interesting info on Loeb! Hi Daniel, Yes the Müllers are a problem in that respect. I have found another late winner, although I'm sure you have him already - Hptm Harry Nadrowski. He was still in the army in 1927, and the announcement of his HOH3x was published in 'Die Presse' (Thorn) on 03rd December 1918:- https://kpbc.umk.pl/dlibra/publication/167922/edition/170598/content
  7. Here's another one - Lt dR Fritz Loeb http://sammlungen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/cm/periodical/pageview/3286923?query=hausorden hohenzollern
  8. Hi webr55, I think you are right. Here is another photo of Jacobi - I think it's him
  9. Hi Dave, Thanks for the info, it has helped me to find a bit more on Maximilian Müller. He was promoted on 28th September 1914, and awarded the EK1 around March-April 1916. The EK1 announcement appears in the Berliner Tageblatt dated 23rd April 1916. I have also found another death notice which gives high praise from his commanding officer.
  10. Many thanks Saschaw for your post. Hi Solomon, it doesn't look much like the Wilhelm-Ernst cross. But it might be the Mecklenburg-Strelitz kreuz für auszeichnung im kriege (1st class)?
  11. Wow - I had no idea that Herr Dierig had such an interesting career! Maximilian Müller died whilst serving with Flieger-Abt (A) 203 in 1918. I don't have the exact regiment that Gustav Müller served in. Does anybody know when these two men earned their high awards? Thanks, Matt.
  12. Hi Dave, great info as always. Here is another one from the same publication (Nr 555 dated 29 Oct 1918). I have also saved a few death notices for some Hohenzollern recipients if anyone wants to see them....
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