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Unusual White Belt and frog?

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An old pal has just given me this for Christmas, It was his Great Grandfathers and he still has the blue uniform.

He is recovering from a heart bypass and it was a nice surprise to see him up and well.

He has just informed me he has added me to his will and I am set to inherit his collect as his kids have no interest and are finacialy sound.

I have told him not to be so daft as he could see me out, no-one knows whats round the corner but it is nice to be thought of as 'safe hands' should it all go pear shaped for him.

Anyways I don't think you see these things that often so I thought I would share it here as you all like this sort of thing!


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Hello Jock.

It looks like other than the British and occasionally the French Army had to blanco belts and such.

Personally I recall while on active service in Vietnam the colonel commanding our Amphibious Group to blanco our equipment for some ceremonial occasion. Our web equipment was the one and only set assigned to us. All the grumbling did not help. The next day we presented excellent targets to the other side.

Thanks for showing this. It seems extraordinary to have survived all these years including the Troddel.

Bernhard H. Holst.

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How 'jolly sporting' of your Col to give the enemy a fair chance!

Was he shot in the back or 'fragged' at any point? He should have been!

The belt is very stiff, the white finish is not blanco as I would understand it, it appears to be white version of the black stuff (forgoten the comercial name) you can buy at the US PX for boots if that makes any sense to you. It is not in the best of condition as the finish is cracking but my pal is heavy handed and a large chunk came off in his hand. I am going to store it safely until I can work out what to do with it. If I can talk him into giving me the whole uniform (he does not display his family stuff?) I will look into putting it in the museum in Celle behind glass that way the family can retain posession of it and claim it back in the future should any grandchildren catch the bug?

I hope I can ensure its survival for another centuary or longer!

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Hello Jock.

Good Luck in your endeavors to perhaps get the uniform displayed in the local museum.

BTW: the colonel who liked having our only set of web equipment blancoed did not suffer harm. However while his name escapes me, his reputation was gone ( if he had any).

The only colonel commanding the group and greatly liked was Lt.Col. Louis Legendre, called " le pere Legendre" ( father Legendre).

Bernhard H. Holst

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