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    German WWII Ribbon Bar with Romanian & Bulgarian Ribbons

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    I recently gained possession of this 6-place "snap-in" ribbon bar. The German awards are clear. The two Romanian and the Bulgarian are not. I need some help. To me, this look like a German NCO's ribbon bar.

    The swords on the Romanian ribbons are gold, the Bulgarian is silver.

    Since there is no "Crusade" ribbon, I assume this to be a pre-1942 ribbon bar.


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    The Romanian medals most likely are the Faithful Service Cross with swords (light blue ribbon) and the Medal for Steadfastness and Loyalty with swords (yellow ribbon). The Bulgarian one could be the Bravery Cross.

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    Michael Wittmann had the Bulgarian Soldiers Cross for Bravery and wore silver swords, as on this ribbon bar, awarded in 1941. That is the date I put on this ribbon bar. Could the last ribbon be the same award as Wittmann's?

    If so, it poses the question - where did this German soldier serve alonside Bulgarians in 1941? I thought they just occupied parts of Greece and Yugoslavia in order to free up German troops to attack Russia.

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