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  1. Yes, the Red Eagle - I forgot to mention that one - there's no indication he received that one either. Can you think of any sites that might indicate an Ottoman award - the Iron Crescent of the Gallipoli Star perhaps?
  2. The photo of the medals and documents is interesting. I wonder if they are all his - like the Kriegshilfe medal. The EKI and II are there, as is the Hohenzollern. There is a smaller medal on the parade bar bracket. Too bad the Soldbuch is closed! I think the family took the stuff with them when they ceremonies were over.
  3. I have been asked by a friend who is related to Otto Brauneck to find out what awards he had. He plans to assemble a shadow box for his young son with the aviator's awards (replicas, of course) and a model of the Albatross the Leutnant was flying when he was shot down. All I could find was the EKII, the Hohenzollern medal and an EKI. Are these his only awards - no Ottoman "hardware?" Many thanks for your help. Bummel
  4. A friend of mine purchased a nine-place trapezoid several yours ago and recently asked me to help him ID the ribbons. At first glance I thought it might date to 1872 but it does not have the Franco-Prussian War ribbon. I need some help gentlemen. I think I have half of them figured out but the last few are a mystery. I attach a photograph.
  5. I recently purchased this 3-place Italian ribbon bar. Can any help me to identify the awards?
  6. High-ranking Nazi chaps like Heydrich and Dietrich had lots of awards given not for what they did but for who they were. These fellows broke the rules for ribbon bars and did what they wanted. Sepp at least was a real soldier. Heydrich was not.
  7. Herr Heydrich never gave anything - his life was taken from him.and it wasn't in combat.
  8. Michael Wittmann had the Bulgarian Soldiers Cross for Bravery and wore silver swords, as on this ribbon bar, awarded in 1941. That is the date I put on this ribbon bar. Could the last ribbon be the same award as Wittmann's? If so, it poses the question - where did this German soldier serve alonside Bulgarians in 1941? I thought they just occupied parts of Greece and Yugoslavia in order to free up German troops to attack Russia.
  9. I recently gained possession of this 6-place "snap-in" ribbon bar. The German awards are clear. The two Romanian and the Bulgarian are not. I need some help. To me, this look like a German NCO's ribbon bar. The swords on the Romanian ribbons are gold, the Bulgarian is silver. Since there is no "Crusade" ribbon, I assume this to be a pre-1942 ribbon bar. Help!
  10. I am quite sorry about that! I kept shrinking the size because our "bosses" said that the file was too large! It's just like the old days in the DDR! Zu Gross! Kleiner Machen! Ha Ha Ha!
  11. Being only a novice, I probably posted this request on the wrong thread - lots of readers and no replies. In any case, I took the advice of the old addage and did it myself - ohne Hilfe! Now you chaps may benefit from my research. The admiral's awards - less the Wehrmacht Treudienst awards - are listed in ths post - below. I am especially interested in the admiral. One of my aunts (intelligence Amt) worked for him. It was through her that my father (an army officer) assigned to Admiral Frisius' "Festung Duenkichen," was informed that I was born on 22 December 1944.
  12. I have been trading emails with a friend in Germany about Admiral Karl Doenitz and his foreign awards. There is plenty of "information" on the internet and he and I have concluded that much of the information is conflicting. Can anyone furnish a list of the admiral's foreign awards and the grade of each - commander, knght, with swords or not, and so on. Many thanks.
  13. I will say one thing, if the bar is a post-war "fake," the guy sure went to a lot of trouble to make one rough-looking medal bar! Stories, unfortunately, are often just that. For example a number of familiy military items came down to me - WWI and WWII - from both sides of my familly. Some of the medals were attributed to my maternal grandfather when all the time they belonged to my dad's father! It just took a little resarch to straighten things out - and a Militaer Pass and Soldbuch.
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