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    I´ve recieved this nice photo.

    It shows parts of a Kraftwagen-Kolonne in the desert.

    The reverse says:


    Taurus, Kl. Asien (Klein-Asien = Asia Minor)

    Auto-Colonne 507

    5.April 1916


    Kraftf. Fhr. G. Krüger (Kraftfahrzeugführer = Driver)

    K.K.R. Form. 508 (K.K.R. Formation 508)




    What does K.K.R. mean?

    What does the handwritten words on the right side of the card mean?


    The colums 507 belonged to the Kommandeur der Kraftfahrabteilung 8 and 508 belonged to the Kommandeur der Kraftfahrabteilung 6.

    Both stood under command of the Heeresgruppe Yildirim in Palestine

    Edited by The Prussian
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    Hello Andreas!

    Thank you for your help, but I googled Hans-Lloyd. The factory was founded in 1919. That would not fit.


    Mußt schon richtig lesen  :D

    Die Hansa-Lloyd Werke A.G. entstanden 1914 aus dem Zusammenschluss der Hansa-Automobil GmbH in Varel und der Norddeutschen Automobil und Motoren AG(NAMAG) in Bremen-Hastedt (Föhrenstraße).

    Habe ich beim ersten Lesen auch überlesen.


    Sorry for posting in German, its the text that the Hansa Lloyd Werke existed before 1919.





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