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    Researching Canadian soldiers by service/regimental number

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    Hi all -- I recently found a Canadian Provost Corps uniform for sale - the Sergeant served in Italy, France and later Korea and has a number of service chevrons on his right cuff, one being silver which I have learned indicates service in the first year of the war.  There is no name, but written on a belt is the following:

    LL 483457

    I've found Regimental Numbers of the Canadian Army to reference service numbers and I think this is something I should invest in if I am going to continue collecting Canadian material.   He also received the Canadian Forces Decoration..  I think with the svc # and the CD it would be easy enough to cross reference between sources (I also need to purchase the CD list).

    In the meantime, I was hoping that someone here would be able to help me run the number and see if there is name attached or if that number is just arbitrary.

    Thanks so much,


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    Good Morning Rob.....

    Finding information on WW2 Canadian Military is very hard to do unless you are a member of the family due to the new access to in formation regulations.......

    The exception being if you can prove the man has been dead for 25 years or more......

    The thing that you can possibly do is contact Library and Archives Canada with the number but due to staff cutbacks you can wait a long time.......







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    Thanks, Mike.  i appreciate the reply.  I got lucky with my first uniform that I purchased.  The officer died 25+ years ago so it was easy to request info from the LAC.  I think that gave me an expectation that isn't really so easy to fulfill.


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