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    20th Century Miltiary History, particularly the Korean War. Outside of miltiaria, I am an industrial designer, model maker, and model artist. I am a 3d printing enthusiast and am currently a Rapid Prototyping Technician at Hasbro. This hobby and my job keep me quite busy, but I still have time to maintain an Alfa Romeo and skateboard every now and then.

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  1. Thanks for the reply! And after many years....we meet. I suspect this could be a centerpiece in any collection, but should you ever wish to pass it on, please let me know. At the time this was for sale I had little knowledge of British items and didn't understand the price point (plus emedals is typically on the higher end) nor did I appreciate his WWII service. Definitely a beautiful collection of items and a rare uniform. What sort of content is included in the photos and documents? If you are able to photograph or scan I am always looking for units photos or notated photos and rosters to help with future research and identification. Thanks Robert P.S. you're always welcome to email or contact via my website: http://www.rcmcollection.com
  2. Hi all -- as I pick up documents, journals, and photographs I will be adding them to the Library & Archives portion of my website. So far there are only a few items, so this is really not anything extensive, but I have dreams. For my own interests I hope to pick up many of the issues of Tiger & Sphinx (if you have any to contribute or loan, I would appreciate it). https://www.rcmcollection.com/Archives I hope there may be something of use.
  3. This is one group that I should have purchased when it was available. I regret not buying it and would like to find who owns it to beg and plead with them. Does anyone know? https://www.emedals.com/a-second-world-war-korean-war-group-to-the-royal-artillery
  4. Definitely, and I've referenced your posts often. I have one French group I am researching but only U.S. groups for medals. Most of the Commonwealth and other UN types are out of my budget or not identified....
  5. I just purchased this magazine which has some information on the games. It might not be anything groundbreaking, but I found the entire magazine interesting: https://www.rcmcollection.com/Archives/UNITED-NATIONS-P.O.W.s-IN-KOREA
  6. I hope this uniform is a welcome addition to the topic though it is a bit more contemporary than most of what is posted. This came from the estate of Allan Browne who appears to have been a collector and there were a few RNF uniforms coming from him, but this was the only one marked "Brown" by the tailor so it was my choice if I could only have one, which was the case. I hope to learn more about him though I believe he was National Service so it may be a bit difficult. I'm in touch with the RNF museum, but things are on hold at the moment due to the virus. I found the tiny pips to be of interest. The cap and cap badge are added for display and I believe the badge may be for ORs, but I could not find a suitable officers' type and I think this will do for my needs.
  7. Hi all -- I have another plea for help with this small group. There was a discussion here in which a few members had a lot of info regarding a French dog tag and I was hoping I could start a similar topic. I have reached out to a few French offices for help, but I have either not heard back or they've redirected my request. My biggest question is: do these belong together? I want this group to be authentic as it was one that I missed years ago and it recently appeared on ebay again. For the price it was worth the risk. Next question and perhaps my main goal outside of authenticity - who is Joseph Fargues and what is his service history? Who might I be able to contact to obtain his service file? I first emailed Service Historique de la Défense - they referred me to the Centre des Archives du personnel Militaire who referred me to the Archives de Paris who I have yet to hear back from. What's next? Does anyone here offer onsite research? Thank you, Robert
  8. Hi Dan -- thank you once again. I have not researched much of the other Jilletts, though I was in contact briefly with the curator of the blog that your friend may have found. It's a frequent return in google when searching. There is a lot to read on their family history! The Jillett I am chasing is Richard Frank, born 9 Dec 1921 - so, from the poor end of the family. Perhaps that was some motivation for his joining up? I appreciate all the help! Robert
  9. Hi Dan -- I would very much appreciate whatever your friend is offering. I enjoy those personal touches to accompany items and research. I've reached out to one of my researcher friends here and asked him to take a lot through the morning reports for the FEAF and 13th AF units to which Jillett (and Graves) may have been attached. I am not sure if, as foreigners, they would appear in the daily logs, but I have hope that they would and also that they're somewhat attainable based on the specific dates I have to reference. I'll keep the thread updated with those finds. I did find this website which is mostly U.S. based, but very informative about the jungle rescue operations: http://www.pbyrescue.com/ Most mention of Australians on that webpage have to do with RAAF detachments, not AIF / ground forces, but I think there are still many original documents that I'd have to read through as they're not searchable via text recognition. Thanks for the help, Dan, and pass along the word to your friend as well. I appreciate it. Robert
  10. Hi Dan -- thank you for the information! And especially for being honest about the prospect that Graves' tales may be a farce. A great thanks to your friend as well. His mention of ANGAU (a new term for me) is something new that I can look into and especially if they have war diaries online. I'd still like to pick at this as I believe there must be some veracity to parts of Jillett's story, just not as I thought previously...do you think this is the case? I would assume at this point that it is not a jungle rescue unit but jungle rescue duty and I quickly went down the wrong path searching in this way. There is still some kind of tie between Jillett and Graves' service as their detachments from HQ NGF and 1st Australian Army align, as did some training including a camouflage school, which I first thought was for disguising artillery or anti-aircraft emplacements. Jillett's Canadian discharge is pretty explicit about WWII service: "Employed in New Guinea - Philippines as jungle rescue crew." I've attached this and will link to the Australian service files as well: Jillett: https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/NAAMedia/ShowImage.aspx?B=4473441&T=PDF Graves: https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/DetailsReports/ItemDetail.aspx?Barcode=5663967&isAv=N Thank you so much for the help! Robert
  11. Gentlemen - I have a challenge... Does anyone have information about Richard Graves' 60 man Jungle Rescue Detachment in WWII? I've found only brief mention in Graves' Bushcraft book(s) and one fiction book which I would not trust as a resource for this project. I have a battledress to an Aussie who joined the Canadian Army for Korea - his Australian records note frequent detachment to U.S. Far East Air Forces (and 13th Air Force) and I initially wondered what this could indicate, assuming anti-aircraft artillery, but his Canadian file which I finally received clears this up with a brief mention of 'participated in jungle rescue' and now I am down this path. Hoping someone has something better than what I've found. Per a 'stub' on wikipedia about Graves and the creation of the detachment:"In the Second World War, Graves founded and led the Australian Jungle Rescue Detachment of 60 soldiers, which was attached to the Far East American Airforce. These men conducted over 300 rescues, all of which were completed successfully and without losses." Also a mention in an American newspaper about an Air Force pilot that dropped off 'two Aussie jungle specialists' to aid in the rescue of a downed pilot. This is about it. I have searched the New Guinea Forces and other related war diaries on the AWM website with no luck. I pulled Graves' service file and was pleased to find his detachments align with Jillett's, but still no detail about the rescue detachment. I really would like to find more. Thanks, Robert
  12. Introduced in 1950 and worn for some time after. Ammunition Examiners, Royal Army Ordnance Corps and Assisstant Ammunition Examiners, RAOC (WRAC). per 1953 edition of Badges on Battledress. Just piggy backing on Stephen's information. Robert
  13. I saw this offered on ebay and looked into it wondering if it was possible the officer served in Korea. I contacted Audrey at Rhino Research and she came back with this: Charles William McKowen, No 328254 20 documents which include Service Cards, Attestation Document, Regimental Conduct Sheet, Application for Medals, medical documents and discharge documents. He was discharged in June 1946, and there is no record of him having served in Korea, in this file. Sadly it appears to have been stripped of insignia: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-S-A-A-F-Tunic-And-Sam-Browne-/323732338178?nma=true&si=Y3szPrXUBUhmnky%2FwFA0uSvzpPY%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Hope that helps! Robert
  14. Hi Caz -- I can help you out. I will send you a PM with information, but for the sake of the forum I will detail that there are scattered online sources for U.S. research. WWII enlistment records are very valuable. Military Times Hall of Valor is also very detailed. both are missing probably millions of entries, though. Your best bet is to write to the National Personnel Records Center under Freedom of Information for records of service men discharged under 62 years ago or hire a researcher to pull the archival records. Even writing under FOIA is spotty. I can assist you with this if I know more details. Rob
  15. Thank you, Dick. Good to know. Perhaps when I have some more recreational funds in the collection account I can take the gamble. In the meantime, I have previously posted about the officer in question: Thanks, Robert
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