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    Officer's service cap 14th Punjab Regiment

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    My experience leads me to believe visor caps for British officers of the old Indian Army are quite scarce, and when I luckily spotted this one half covered at this year's SOS, I was drawn to it.

    Obviously, a salty cap, that saw much action. Curiously, it was made by a tailor in Madras, a long way from the Punjab!

    The cap is leather lined on the inside crown; never saw that before.





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    A nice salty cap indeed.  No, peaked caps to the IA are no too common, though I expect a couple of our members have examples they may share.  

    The leather lining is indeed odd - must have been hellish hot, I should think.  As to the location of the hatter, it may be that his work was worth sending for, or that the owner was originally stationed in Madras Presidency when he bought it - on a course, with another regiment or even as second hand kit.  Nice to see an Indian Army badge actually in situ, however.  Thanks for sharing.


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    Splendid cap,


    i do have a weakness for Indian (and when the chance arises African) tailored items. I have a number of caps and uniforms which one day i should catalogue and perhaps post. The most notable tailors in India produced some superb work equal to that of anything from Bond Street.

    A treat to see such a thing.

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