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    WW1 EGA

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    The device is a Model 1937 officer dress cap badge for the dress cover.  I believe they continued to be used up until the late 1950's though this one appears to be either pre-WW2 or early war.  The looped rope fouling is the indicator.  Nice looking!

    What's the size on your example?  I've never seen one with the pin setup like yours.  Can we see a side view showing the pin better?


    Three examples: dress sterling / service sterling / service bronze


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    I will try to get pics. I just added 2 WW2 era officers covers. Dress blues cover is Meyers with original tissue inside. The Alphas cover is NOS also and made by Lancaster. Picked up 3 more EGAs as well.  I still owe pics of the pin back. 



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