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    Some german Minesweepers had their own arm-patches. They were not official.

    There were light, middle and heavy minesweepers-sections.

    1) probably a heavy minesweeper. Number unreadable, maybe 36

    2) bavarian Minenwerfer-Abteilung

    3) Leichter Minenwerfer Zug 299 (probably 299)

    unbekannt (Pionier, schwere Minenwerfer Einheit).JPG

    unbekannt (Pionier, schwere Minenwerfer Einheit) - Kopie.JPG

    b. Minenwerfer-Abteilung (Armabzeichen).jpg


    Scannen0001 - Kopie.jpg

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    Minenfwerfer = Trench Mortar (auf English).


    Thanks for showing these photos. These patches were only worn for a relatively short period starting in 1915 and ending within a that year. When units became fully identified by their special Minenwerfer (MW) shoulder straps, later in 1915, there was no longer a need for these patches, as they had been worn in conjunction with the pioneer battalion shoulder straps that they were associated with. Few original samples of the patches have survived. Officer's versions were usually constructed with bullion wire embroidery.


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    I do have one. It's a Saxon officer's version from the heavy (25cm) trench mortar detachment 22 (schwere Minenwerfer Abteilung Nr.22). It was never sewn on, I suspect because he soon after purchased his new pattern shoulder boards (shown here), which came in the same lot from this officer. The insignia is silver colored wire on black velvet.





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