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    Victory Parade 2015


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    Thanks for the link to the parade footage - and the pictures of this year's medal.

    A big surprise this year was that in addition to all  the naval officers with dirks, a lot of other officers, including men wearing berets, were wearing daggers, too. As I recall, last year, you had to watch very closely to see anyone wearing a dagger, this year there were literally hundreds in evidence...

    Interesting, too, other than one unit of female Suvorov cadets wearing those crazy white hair-poofs with their uniforms, there were virtually zero women in this year's parade.. In the post parade footage when Putin shook hands with the officers who had commanded each of the units in the parade, the only man he seemed to say more than two or three words to was the officer who was apparently in charge of the Suvorov women - and it was very hard to tell if Putin was actually chewing him out.
    One very clear view of the war minister made it obvious that he was wearing dagger hangers with cheaply stamped brass fittings. I had assumed that he'd have a belt and hangers with the same high quality heavy gold plated general officer's hardware as used in the Cold War era. Also interesting, he was again wearing some sort of a War Ministry eagle badge that I assume is a Federation issued 300th Anniversary badge copying the earlier, 200th anniversary one from the Imperial era?
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    Another thing I noticed in this year's parade... Smiles...  Rank after rank of smiles...  





    I can almost hear the orders...

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