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    Unidentified Set of Ribbons - Help ID!

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    I just picked up these ribbons in the collection I bought This should be a pretty easy set to find the owner of, as he had both the Suvorov 1st and two Kutuzov 1st. I'm guessing that he probably was an HSU as well, and was probably a General Lieutenant at the end of the War (or higher). I think this might be a fun excercise to find out who the original owner of these were!

    Fire away!


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    Guest Rick Research

    Hmmm, 1975-78 to a 1918 veteran... 80-something...

    was it Brezhnev's daddy? :cheeky:

    Off the top of my head (getting better at remembering these) the foreign ones are

    6th row last = Mongolian Sukhbator Order

    7th row = Mongolian "Combat" Red Banner, Mongolian "Combat Valor" (I'd say MMO), Polish Polonia restituta

    8th row = Polish Virtuti Militaria, Polish Gr?newald Cross, and a DDR wuzzit

    9th row = Polish Cross of Valor, I'm confused close but not the same, Bulgarian wuzzit

    10th row = Czech WW2 War Cross, Czech wuzzit, Bulgarian 1964 armed forces jubilee

    11th row = Polish Oder, neisse, Baltic Medal, Polish Victory and Freedom Medal, Chinese Sino-Soviet Friendship Medal

    12th row = DDR Brotherhood in Arms 2nd Class, Mongolian 1969 Khalkin Gol jubilee, Mongolian 1971 armed forces jubilee

    I know, I know, I should know the others. I've GOT a painted plastic sheet of the Czech wuzzit in row 10....

    these just off the top of my head looking at 'em.

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