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    A few years ago i got a medal bar with: IC on non combatant ribbon, prussian war aid cross, Baden war merit cross, AEZ silver grade and

    Centenarmedal. It came with an old envelope with the name "Orden Opa Schwarz" (medals grandpa Schwarz)

    I saw a few bars with the combination of IC non combatant - war aid cross - LSC - AEZ silver grade and Centenarmedal and the persons who

    earned them were all Zahlmeister (paymaster)

    So i looked into the Siekmann 1917 and found only one Schwarz who served as an Oberzahlmeister

    He is on page 283 his unit was Staff / Fieldartilleryregiment 66 (It was stationed at Lahr / Baden), He was born 1860

    and his Rangdienstalter was in 1901. He had the AEZ. No more is listed. So if he was born in 1860 he definitely got the Centenarmedal

    The war aid cross / IC / Baden war merit cross was also awarded after 1917 (- 1924)

    Does anyone have more information about him ?

    Thank you very much!


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