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    Hussars Dolman


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    I have acquired these two jackets, which I believe to be French Hussars Dolman from the mid to late 1800's. Can anyone please confirm this, or have any more info on these two? Thanks. (When I can get a photo on here!!!!)

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    Bonsoir Dave,

    The stamp you are showing seems to be saying "COSTUMIER" or "COSTUMIERE".

    The design of the Domans certainly looks like pre-1830 (probably Napoleonic) ; but from the photos, the pieces don't look to be period - I'd venture costumes for theatre (or cinema).

    Such repro uniforms have been around since at least mid-XIXth century.


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    Thanks for your reply Djedj. I have now had further 'experts' examine the Dolmans. The general consensus seems to be that they have both been used as theatrical costumes; the Brown Jacket was made around 1900, using original buttons, but the Light Blue jacket, is in fact pre 1830; the giveaway is the small size, the circular quilting to the inside front and the general quality of manufacture. So the Blue one would seem to be the real thing!

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