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    Gebirgs-maschinengewehr-abteilung 221

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    Hello Dante!


    set-up 21.8.1915 by MG-Lehrkursus Döberitz, mobile since 1.9.1915

    Ersatz came from : Ers.Geb.MG-Abt.3

    Under command of:

    30.9.15-29.12.17: 11th army

    8.1.18: Trier (Germany)

    15.3.18: 17th army

    16.3.18: Heeresgruppe Kronprinz Rupprecht

    3.4.18-9.5.18: 6th army

    9.5.18: Heeresgruppe Dt. Kronprinz

    13.7.18: 7th army

    31.7.18: 1st army

    10.8.18: 7th army

    29.8.18-9.19.18: Armee-Abteilung B

    16.10.18-30.10.18: 19th army

    Temporary under command of:

    24.9.15-17.4.16: 103rd Inf.Div.

    29.4.16-22.6.16.: 9th bulgarian Division

    29.7.16: 2nd bulgarian Division

    26.10.16-2.11.16: Detachement Halkett

    3.11.16-15.4.17: Detachement Thierry

    16.4.17-13.12.17: Seeabschnitt

    24.7.18-27.7.18: 8th bavarian Res.Div.

    14.10.18-November 18: 1st bavarian Landwehr-Division

    Since November 1918 changed into 2.comp./Geb.MG-Abteilung 261


    Personal strength:

    1 captain; 3 First lieutenants or lieutenants,; 1 Colour-Sergeantl; 1 Sergeant; 1 medic corporal; 1 weapon-corporal; 1 smith; 10 corporals; 16 Lance-corporals; 130 soldiers, 14 Train-soldiers

    Transport strength:

    2 ammo-vehicle (4 horses), 1 supply-vehicle (4 horses); 2 vehicles for personal equopment (4 horses), 1 food- and animalfood vehicle (4 horses); 1 kitchen (4 horses); 7 trailers; Total: 7 vehicles and 7 trailers

    Weapon strength: 6 MG


    Source: Jürgen Kraus: Handbuch der Verbände und Trupen des deutschen Heeres 1914-1918 )Maschinengewehrtruppen, Band 1)



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    An interesting personal history. It seems he was in the hospital at least once each year and ended up in a factory in 1918 (I assume due to his inability to return to combat). Fought in many interesting places. A nice pass to a relatively small unit.

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