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    French Medal Help Please!

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    Good morning gents!

    This arrived yesterday, I've tried to find out more about it, is it a 1934 version of the cross of voluntary military services? The ribbon is for a gold version I believe, but the only listing I can find on Medal Medaille shows a version with a different shaped front and rear centre piece. As I know next to nothing about French awards I throw myself on your mercy!


    French Cross of the Voluntary Military Services #1.jpg

    French Cross of the Voluntary Military Services #2.jpg

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    I have this same medal hanging from the same (faded) ribbon in a frame on my wall, along with an assortment of other French awards.  But...surprise...I have no record of it in my inventory list!  For some reason, I have placed it immediately preceding the more current Service Militaire Volontaire medals in my collection.  But I don't know what it is nor whether my decision on precedence is correct.  I can't wait to see the replies you get.    

    I have catalogues (Monnaie de Paris and Arthus Bertrand) from circa 1988 which in both cases show a series of round medals (gold, silver, bronze) with Marianne in her Phrygian cap facing left for this award.  

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    Hello all,

    Troy, you have the 2nd type of the cross, 1st class. The 1934 type, i.e. the 1st type, looks like this :



    Next to the Army version, there are also version for the Navy and the Air Force. All of these crosses were rendered obsolete in 1957 when they were replaced by the award of the Order of Military Merit.

    That order didn't last long as it was abolished in 1963. Finally, in 1975, to fill the void the Medal for Voluntary Military Services was created in 3 classes.



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