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  1. Hello Duncan, You might find the France Phaleristique website useful : look under DECORATIONS and then scroll down to MEDAILLES D'HONNEUR ... lots of "civil" medals there 😃 Regards, Hendrik
  2. Hello, Further to the above, the Leopold I monogram with the "I" in the centre merely indicates it was manufactured by the firm of Wolfers, the "II" in the centre points to manufacture by the firm of Heremans. Regards, Hendrik
  3. Very nice and interesting website, Dave - keep up the good work !!! Regards, Hendrik
  4. The last action for which the clasp was allowed was a reconnaissance mission to Oued-Nesly under the command of a Major Pein between 23 and 30 January 1906. Your medal is from 1914 at the very earliest. I don't think it is possible to attribute it to a particular battle/campaign/mission unless you have information about its original recipient. Also, the time between the campaign and the award of a medal and bar may be considerable. By way of example, I have a Colonial Medal with clasp TUNISIE (last campaign ended in 1918 for that clasp) and its award certificate is dated November
  5. Hi, It only needs one to make a mistake and then others copy it on from there ... I've seen it happen before 🙁 Regards, Hendrik
  6. Hello Gentlemen, The above Colonial Medal is of the 2nd official type and manufactured by the Paris Mint (silver mark "1" between cornucopia). This type was manufactured between 1914 and 1962. The 1930 date on the northeastmedals website makes no sense to me ... The bar "ALGERIE" in the pictures was manufactured by the Paris firm of Arthus-Bertrand. It could be awarded for campaigns up till 1906. Regards, Hendrik
  7. Hi Nick, Once again my heartfelt thanks for your quick and knowledgeable reply ! Regards, Hendrik
  8. Hi, I would appreciate any information on this medal and its box. Thanks & regards, Hendrik
  9. A geographical indication : always useful and never to be scoffed at !🙂 Thank you very much, Hendrik
  10. Hello All ! As mentioned in another post (thanks again for the quick answer, JapanX) I recently acquired a Wound Badge. It came in what I assume is its original and somewhat damaged box of issue which is, however, marked in ink on both the outside and inside of the lid. Obviously, I'd love to know what is written there and so, it's over to the experts ... In case a close-up would help : and, on the inside : Thanks & regards, Hendrik
  11. Hello ! A small badge, in its box of issue (?), has recently arrived with me as part of a lot containing a Japanese Wound Badge. I'm hoping one of the experts on this forum can shed more light on it ... Thanks & regards, Hendrik
  12. Hi is this the famous Hendrick of Belgian fame. 

    1. Hendrik



      Nope, can't be me as there's no "c" in my name 😉

      I do have a website on Belgian (and some WW2) medals ...



  13. Hello Numis, The medal you refer to in your original post is, as Vincent pointed out, not an official Belgian medal. Its obverse bears the head of the sovereign under which reign it was issued (i.e. Leopold II or Albert I - I can't recall seeing any other king's representation). Official Belgian lifesaving awards were created during the reigns of Leopold I and Leopold II and you might wander over to Hendrik's Medal Corner and find then in the "Other Awards" section. Regards, Hendrik
  14. Hi, As Pat mentions in the post above, it's the French Légion d'Honneur (Legion of Honour), Chevalier class (knight class) of the 3rd Republic era (1870-1951) and its ribbon is plain red. At the bottom, the mark is quite likely a boar's head (indicating the cross is silver) and the mark on the ring should be "AB & Cie" with a wheel under a star, i.e. the Arthus-Bertrand maker's mark. Regards, Hendrik
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