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  1. Hello Gordon, French manufacturers have a long history of producing unofficial medals and bars. I think the motive is financial gain rather than veterans wanting to embellish their members' medal displays but that is just my personal opinion. Regards, Hendrik
  2. Hello Gordon, No bars were authorised for this medal. The Dien Bien Phu bar is, to my knowledge, unofficial and the Légion Etrangère bar belongs to the "National Defence Medal". Below an example of the latter on a 1st class medal : Regards, Hendrik
  3. Bonjour Patout 🙂 Excellent ! It may be of interest that the "Médaille d'Honneur" the good captain received was of the highest possible class : he was awarded the rare gold class of the Interior Ministry's Medal of Honour for courage and dedication. It would perhaps be interesting to know which "difficult events in several counties in the months of February, March, April and May 1906" caused such awards to be made ... Link to the entry in the Journal Officiel de la République Française : https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k6542783t/f2.image Regards, Hendrik
  4. Hello Jeff, There are "Journal de Marche Officiel" of some of the batteries of the 68th Artillery Regiment available on line : https://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/arkotheque/inventaires/ead_ir_consult.php?fam=3&ref=6&le_id=12831 Time to brush up your French 😉 Regards, Hendrik
  5. Adrian, As the citation for the Officer class of the Légion d'Honneur mentions the Croix de guerre in December 1915, it is indeed a 1914-1915 reverse one that Laborde would have received. In the end, he would have two ribbon devices on its ribbon as will be seen on his LdH Commander citation ... The latter can be found in the Journal Officiel de la République Française (JORF) at https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k65378717/f28.image.r="laborde" Chronologically, he received three classes of the Legion d'Honneur as follows : Chevalier (Knight) per Decree of 11 July 1908, p
  6. Hello Adrian, The citation you have was not for the Croix de guerre but for the Légion d'Honneur, officer class. It would fit the award made to Captain Marcel Victor Laborde ... He was made Commander in the same order in December 1929 when, with the rank of Colonel, he was commanding the 9th Zouaves Regiment. Regards, Hendrik
  7. Hendrik

    Medaille militaire

    Hi, The 1870 date on the obverse and the hinge suspension points to the medal being awarded in the 1910-1950 era ... Regards, Hendrik
  8. Hello Pepe864, Original "Isles Marquises" bars are indeed quite rare (most if not all Colonial Medal bars have been remade over the years). Some more information can be found on Hendrik's Medal Corner :-) The "Levant" and "Casablanca" bars belong to other medals (Commemorative Medals of Syria-Cilicia and of Morocco resp.). The "Sud-Oranais" bar is a nice unofficial bar which is not too common either, I believe. Regards, Hendrik
  9. Hi Yank, It's the 3rd Republic model which was awarded between 8 Nov. 1870 and 27 Feb. 1951. Regards, Hendrik
  10. Thank you very much BalkanCollector for your quick reaction to my question. The suspension inscription with its two names remains a bit of a mystery then ! Some pictures of the medal itself : Best regards, Hendrik
  11. Hello Gents, I'm in need of a translation of both a document and the reverse inscription on a suspension plate of an Order for Bravery I recently acquired : Thank you and best regards, Hendrik
  12. Hi, A very nice T'ai Federation Order of Military Merit you have there or, to use its French name, the "Ordre du Mérite Militaire des Sip Hoc Chau". The inscription stands for "T'ai Federation". The T'ai Federation was an autonomous zone in Northern Vietnam and Northern Laos and its people were allies to the French in their war against the Viet Minh. Regards, Hendrik P.S. Could someone move this topic to either France or Asia ?
  13. Hi, It would appear Marsoliau's first name is "Léonce" and he did receive a 2nd class silver medal prior to the 1879 fire ... In the "Journal Officiel de la République Française" of 15 November 1875, Léonce Marsoliau is mentioned as having been awarded the 2nd class silver medal for his actions on 31 July of that year : I haven't found anything on Hacala nor on the award of the 1879 medals. Regards, Hendrik
  14. Hi, I beg to differ : to my knowledge, the various types that saw the light of day in that short period had either no crown suspension or, again, a little cross on top of the suspension ball. The motto in the central medallion referred to Napoleon as 1st Consul on those crosses. Regards, Hendrik
  15. Hello Ken, The absence of a little cross on top of the suspension ball seems to make this a "July Monarchy" type with altered central medallions ... Your No. 2 is a 2nd Empire type as you rightly observed. Regards, Hendrik
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