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    Sorry for the crummy pics! :o Really wasn't supposed to take these but couldn't resist. Iolani Palace, Hawaii.


    Some other very cool stuff here, but I could not find King Kalakaua's Chrysanthemum Order among the collection. Not sure if it still exists?? One of the gents working at the palace was not sure if it was simply off display or if it went missing from when the monarchy was overthrown. Anybody know? Many of the other orders were on display, I assume they were originals?




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    I don't believe so. It appears that most (if not all) of his orders were actually on display in individual cases hung around the wall of the throne room at the palace. Some of the cases were empty, and some of them were not where you could actually get to, roped off. That's why I asked about the Chrysanthemum, because I couldn't see everything. But that order was not there. I assume some of these were belonged to the queen as well. 

    There was a lot of other things on display in the basement - other medals, orders, and royal jewels that included miniatures of many of the orders that were the queen's. I should have taken photos, but I was trying to obey the rules. When I saw the Rising Sun though, I was a bad boy.

    I didn't get any close ups of any of the orders, but you can see some of them hanging here on the wall, no idea what they are. They were some that I could have photographed that were not roped off, but they were not Japanese, so I did not do so. Mistake in retrospect. Now I'm really interested in the king and queen and their orders!


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