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    Its an offer they regularly repeat. I was caught out and registered for the free trial (I think it was for a month). Part of the registration process was the provision of bank details etc. I used the site several times and then forgot about it. When I received my bank statement I realised that for the previous five months they had been quietly taking cash (a monthly subscription) from my account. I complained like hell but they would not refund. At the expiry of the one month "free" trial there is no warning. If you forget to cancel (as I did) hard luck. If they wanted to give you something for nothing, why ask for your bank details? Simple, they want your cash. Go for it if you feel inclined, but watch them like a hawk and make sure you cancel before the free period is up. Of course, they will still have your debit/credit card details! I hope this is helpful.



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    It wouldn't surprise me if they have a 'renew subscription' button ticked by default. Find My Past has and when you pay 1 GBP for one of their occasional monthly subs. special, you need to go into settings and untick the auto renew subscription box.


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    Well, it is a business; so, I can't fault them for a marketing campaign to sell their product.  Onus is on the customer to cancel the trial if they are so inclined.  Just like buying anything else: look under the hood, kick the tires.  I haven't much time this weekend anyway.

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