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    There seems to be no official new user forum to direct my questions, so I thought I would start here.

    I am trying to research information on a family member and get some of his military history in the Prussian army.  I know a lot of information was destroyed in WWII but there seems to me a vast bit of knowledge here.  Where or what forum would be the best to post questions?  I also have his collection of medals and orders that I am trying to identify which I see a forum to post questions.  I would love to find some pictures or service history.

    Another question is there a list of abbreviations posted somewhere that lists the different decorations and orders?  Having a difficult time deciphering some of the posts.


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    lilnuke - interesting name... ;)  You are in the right place with this forum to research your Prussian family member.  You might start a new topic with the name of his unit if you know it as the subject; that might get the attention of a specific expert.  In the body, post his name, dates of service (if you know them) and any other details you have, no matter how insignificant you might think they are...  You never know what might trigger a flow of information from one of the experts here...  Of course, any specific questions you already have as well. 

    You can include any image scans of medals/orders you that topic; not necessary to start a new thread in the medals/orders forum.  Then we can help you identify them and provide the right abbreviations to further aid your research.

    Welcome and good luck with your research.  It can be both rewarding and frustrating!

    regards, Rick

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