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  1. My only contribution as it is the only one of my collection I have found with a case. It is one of my favorites.
  2. Gentlemen, You all never cease to amaze me with your abilities. If I read correctly, Glæsel was an architect and an inspektør og -sekretær for Statsinventarie-kommissionen. It would be interesting to know how he traveled to so many locations, I'm guessing through the royal connections? Many thanks for your help!
  3. I recently acquired this miniature grouping. I usually stick with German imperial groupings, but this one caught my eye with all of the different awards. It would appear to possibly be a well traveled diplomat? I was curious if it was possible to be attributed and determine the missing award? What I see: Order of Dannebrog in Gold Order of Dannebrog in Silver French Legion of Honor Greek Order of the Redeemer Mecklenburg-Schwerin Order of Wendish Crown Thailand Order of the Crown Prussian Order of the Crown, Fourth Class Best r
  4. Mein Großvater. Could anyone enlighten me on what the collar insignia means? I know is that he was conscripted and sent to North Africa, where he was captured by the British and turned over to the Americans. He has an EK1 and can I correctly assume an EK2, or was the awarding criteria different for WWII?
  5. I always love these threads, always some very interesting pieces come out. I have a couple of personal favorites, not sure which I like more. Both were the most difficult for me to find, so they hold about equal weight.
  6. I recently received a couple of awards for my small Hohenzollern collection for everyones review. I know the Hausorden von Hohensollern Ehrenkreze 3. klasse mit krone und schwerten was awarded approximately 144 times in WW 1, but I was not sure about the Hausorden von Hohensollern Ehrenkreze 3. klasse mit schwerten. I know they were authorized from about the time of the 1866 war but I see them very infrequently and wondered if someone had a tally from the lists?
  7. Thank you for the nice comments, it is a bar that has been in the family for a long time. Claudio, I would show the back, but it has been mounted in a display for a number of years.
  8. I saw the one you mention for sale which got me to thinking. I still have no idea what mine is actually for, but it was sewn onto something. Definitely good information here.
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