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My new bar - 1902 to 1937 at least

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Just received this in the post.

Nothing spectacular but fascinating to me.

1914 Star

British War Medal

Victory Medal

Interallied Victory Medal (unofficial)

St John Medal w/ MID ???

Edward VII Coronation - 1902

George V Coronation - 1911

George V Jubilee - 1935

George VI Coronation - 1937

Permanent Overseas Forces LS & GCM (at least 18 yrs svc)



Comments appreciated

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Naval? Given backing colour??

Could be 1914 Star of 1914-15 Star (second more likely).

The MiD is quite bizarre - for something w/o campaign medal issued? Not many inter-war candidates here? If naval, the dark blue could be that??

Could be 1911 Durbar, but Coronation a better bet.

The next to last: I should know, but memory not working.


The last: France, Legion of Honor.

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It came from eBay (labeled as 'Diplomat') and I like the oddity of it.

I was thinking Navy as well, but the Permanent Overseas Forces LS & GCM stumps me.

My first guess for the last on the bottom row was LdH but wanted to here somebody else say it for confirmation.

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It might not necessarily be a Permanent Force LSM ribbon, as the NZ Police LSM used/uses the same. I haven't a clue as to what the next one along is, but the last one is most probably a LdH. It's certainly an odd bag, but doesn't look like a recently made up ensemble.

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