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Royal American Order of Isabella the Catholic???? no sure

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Hi may I ask what is the difference between of Royal American Order of Isabella the Catholic and Order of Isabella the catholic?


Thank you






at the back


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Royal American Order of Isabella the Catholic was the title given at its inception by Fernando VII in 1815 and was originally awarded for exceptional services in pursuit of territories in the Americas and overseas. In 1847 it was reorganised by Isabella II and retitled the Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic and was given a much broader focus than the Americas taking into account the current political situation and the virtual extinction of colonies in the Americas.

I hope this is of help.



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Oh i see thank you very much sir Paul for the detailed information about the 2 medals. It helps a lot, because  I'm having a hard time  analyzing  its difference to each other. But now it is clear already. 


Thank you 

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