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    ID Help; North African Colonial Badges/ Helmet Plates


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    I realize this may be a bit of a stretch, but any help is welcome.
    I picked up a collection of belgian colonial badges at a recent auction and amongst the lot were three that for the life of me I cant ID. 

    1st is a crescent witha number 1 mounted over crossed rifles, axes and a spade. No star. I thought it might be a Spanish Moroccan sapper or perhaps a French Algerian Spahi pioneer?,

    The second badge has a kite shaped enamel shield in front of a rooster with its wings spread. The shield is diveded into red white and green with a blue tip. I thought it may be an Arab or North African unit under French command ( Syrian, Moroccan, Algerian?)

    The third is an anchor with a grenade over crossed cannon. I thought it may be a French or Belgian colonial marine or infantry artillery badge for either a kepi or pith helmet. judging by the style of the grenade it looks to pre WW1.

    Thanks in advance for any help.




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    I was one of the bidders on that lot! ;-)

    Congratulations on aquiring it.If you ever would part of one of the Belgian insigna , please let me know.

    I have no idea on the first two insigna, but I'll do some research.

    Last one is French colonial artillerie, probably used on the pith helmet mod 1878.



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