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    Hello John;

    What you have here is a little document group to a Corporal Carl Glauner - artilleryman who later became a student.  Here is a breakdown, although there is more detail that can be gained.

    1) a photo student ID to Tuebingen University -good through November(?), but crossed out? 1921

    2) a damaged award document for the Prussian War Help Cross -June 3rd, 1918.

    3 Postcard, to Carl Glauner, postmarked going through Foot Artillery #16.

    4) (reverse side?) Letter dated April 15, 1917.  The print is too light I can't make out any of it.  From "Heinz". (the use of only the first name suggests a very close friend or family member, brother?)

    5) A simple card that gives Glauner permission to study in a certain area.

    6)  A simple card that allow Glauner Lunch and Dinner from May 2nd to May 3rd, 1921

    7) EKII document from 6th Battalion Foot Artillery #10, dated August 7th, 1917.

    This is just a first glance of the documents.  I could have some of these translations wrong, but I hope this helps.

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