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    I am trying to find more infromation on a WW2 airman, Flying Officer Joseph Archebald Wilson Mc Callum, service number 173828. Date of death 12/09/44, age 22,  and is commemorated on panel 207 at the Runnymede Memorial.  Nn old newspaper cutting  states that "For bravery during the now famous RAF attack on Peenemunde in August 1943, when he was injured and partially blinded by an anti aircraft shell, this Glasgow airman has received the Distinguished Flying Cross." Any information on this airman,or advice as to where further research could me made would be greatfully appreciated.

    Using the date of his death, the only big raid I can find is the one against Darmstadd on 11/12 Sept. 1944, when 12 lancasters were lost. This is however, supposition on my part .

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    If he got the DFC there should be a London Gazette entry, I think - WWII is not my forte.  The Gazette is fully searchable, thought the search engine is a bit wonky at times.  

    Records for the Second War are still under some restrictions, I believe - available to kin but not necessarily to everyone - but, again, someone over there will kow better.  A raid resulting in the loss of 12 planes should be traceable in squadron and wing records too, I should think - that would have been a major loss for a single mission in the RAF and a good history of the bombing campaign should steer you to the correct units. 

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