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    Documented group of Lt. Colonel Luvsandorj


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    An incomplete but interesting group of documented awards that belonged to Toomoin Luvsandorj.

    Tomoin Luvsandorj held a rank of Lt. Colonel and served in the Border Guard Troops from mid 1930s to mid 1950s and returned to serve in the Mongolian Army back in 1960s. He was a Political Commissar of a Border Guard unit in Khalkhin Gol area (Tamsag Border guard unit) in 1939 and took part in the battle of Khalkhin Gol.

    The group consists of the following items:
    1) Khalkhin Gol badge (Type 1) in very good condition (almost excellent for this early award). The badge has its original screwback plate. The badge has an early hardcover document with his name and signature of Deputy commander of Mongolian People's Revolutionary Army Lhagvasuren.
    2) Order and Medal Booklet issued to Luvsandorj. The booklet has his early picture and lists two awards (Order of the Polar Star awarded in 1951 and Combat Medal in 1947). Unfortunately the order and medal are missing.
    3) Green fabric covered document is a certificate of appreciation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The booklet is in fair condition but preserved all the handwriting and Choibalsan's original signature. The booklet was awarded to Luvsandorj on November 22, 1937. The text of the document reads "Comrade Livsandorj awarded this certificate and a breast watch for the excellent fulfillment of the tasks specified in the Ministry's decree #239 issued on November 9, 1937". Signed by Minister of Internal affairs Marshal Choibalsan. Bears the stamp of the ministry. Unfortunately it is not know what was behind the decree #239. It is interesting to note that he was awarded this certificate at the climax of purges among the army and border guard troops.
    4) Brown leather covered document is certificate of appreciation issued by the Department of Border Guard troops on Dec 30, 1951. The text of the document reads that T. Luvsandorj was awarded this certificate and a breast watch for exemplary service in the matter of protecting the state border. Interestingly, the document was presented and hand signed by Jamyan who held the rank of Deputy Commander of the Department of Border Guard troops. The doc has the stamp of the same department.
    5) The red leather covered small document is a Border Guard Officer's ID card issued on December 25, 1941. The document has Luvsandorj's picture. He wears 1936 type officer's uniform with captain's collar insignia.
    6) We Won Medal #10680 with the matching document.
    7) Medal of 25 Years of Revolution # 16044 with the matching document.
    8) Soviet Medal for victory over Germany with the doc.
    9) Document of the Medal of 60 Years of Revolution.
    10) Document of the 30th anniversary of victory over Japan Medal.
    11)  Document of the 30th anniversary of victory at Khakhin Gol.
    12) Badge Dursamj (Memory) with the matching doc. Awarded in 1985 to veterans of the "Memory" history tour to the battle site.
    13) Badge of 50 Years to Mongolia Trade Unions with the matching doc.
    14) Badge MIAT (Mongolian Airways) with a document awarded in 1985.
    15) Badge of 18th Congress of MRYL with the document.
    Attached also two pics - one shows Luvsandorj wearing his uniform back in 1970s. Then he held the rank of a Major. Another photo scan is from an album of the participants of Khalkhin Gol war from the Border Guard Troops. It is heavily photoshoped photo (to make it look like a color one) but still he is there.

    Here is also a brief bio of Tomooin Luvsandorj: "T. Luvsandorj is a native of Hairhandulaan county of Uvurkhangai province. He participated in the battle of Khalkhin gol when he was a political commissar of Tamsag Border Guard Unit. in 1939. He personally took part in elimination of Japanese troops at Ulaanhudag, Ar Bulag, Hulstai, Hongor and Bula Ders areas in eastern Mongolia in 1939. From 1940-1946, he served as apolitical commissar at Khovd Border Guard Unit in Western Mongolia. There, he took part in border skirmished against Chinese and Kazakh bandit groups."



    Luvsandorj T.jpg

    Luvsandorj T_.jpg













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