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  1. Looks good at first glance, and a decent price. Would have been happy to bid on it but long gone are the days of clicking on eBay each day (multiple times!)
  2. Sorry, I wasn't paying attention (and rarely on ebay nowadays). What was sold for 4850? I am still recovering from the hero start a few months ago so pausing on new items. Well, OK, did get several Partisan star badges in the mail this weekend - I couldn't resist! :)
  3. Based on Urnukh's book and public lists I believe I've been able to narrow it down to 3 possible names (am assuming that it was awarded as it's part of the first batch of 20 produced and more were ordered). Given the very good condition, my hypothesis is pointing towards one name in particular and that is further reinforced by what appears to be in the big blue book full of awardees (i.e. that the other two options both passed away in 1939 and were awarded the Hero title posthumously if not mistaken without the gold star). If I am correct, the person who was awarded will be very easy to research and it will be an interesting one: German Titov (Soviet Cosmonaut). All it is right now is an educated guess though. If anybody here has access to German Titov's family members that would possibly enable me to validate the nr.
  4. Just in... an epaulette belonging to King Zog: "silver-plated with embossed crescent moons and monogram "AZ" fastened with pins underneath the crown of Skanderbeg. Silver bullion fringes. The back lined with black and white wool, the formerly gilt flap with raised manufacturer’s inscription "Unione Militare Roma"." A second one appears to have been sold at a French auction years ago. Fingers crossed to unite them.
  5. Attached something that just arrived in my hands: Hero of Mongolia Gold Star nr 14 Unfortunately the name of the recipient is not listed in Urnukh's book but I believe I've narrowed it down to 3 possibilities. Hoping to nail this down further in coming weeks/months/years? It took 10+ years of patience to fill this gap in my collection - a few more to go! Pics not great quality - need a new phone.
  6. A cased Tamara or somebody's color printer got a bit creative? ebay nr 202714664610
  7. Any chance of getting a PDF of this catalogue? Am trying to research some items and getting this would help.
  8. I believe, but am not 100% certain, it is a code for the department number of the product approval unit (Prufstelle)
  9. Yes, I did. I jumped on that one. There's another one out there for sale, not that much more expensive. PM me if you want it.
  10. https://www.ebay.ph/itm/Mongolia-The-Order-of-Hero-Star-2nd-Type-1946-Gold-5-Diamonds-USSR-Mondvor-/112896822770 And recently on Hermann Historica a Hero Star (nr 14) was auctioned off for 18K euro excl. buyer fees.
  11. I have one of Koldunov's Soviet medals (incl. document) in my collection. Can't recall which one, a 'basic' one. Closest I'll get to a Soviet Marshall!
  12. Wow - looks like we could use an "Albanian belts" section! Not my collecting area, but still impressive!
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