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  1. That one up north has not sold for years. Way overpriced indeed.
  2. nice ‘little’ civilian group arrived this week incl a load of jubilee medal documents only rarely see the october revolution in larger documented groups
  3. Looks fine to me not easy to find these anymore
  4. Great, thanks Jan - much appreciated! And nice to know there's still people active here!
  5. Here an explanation from "the expert" on this "The badge of People’s Honored did not come to life until 1980s. Prior to that a person who was bestowed the title of Peoples Honored was awarded the Badge of the Honored. Therefore, the person who was awarded the title of Honored was given the corresponding medal. If the same person was bestowed a title of Peoples Honored, he/she used to get the same medal received previously. Please see the attached photo. Therefore, the numbering for the title holders of Honored and Peoples honored got mixed up which led to this confusing serial numbering." So it really does sound like the Battushig A7 and A8 got mixed up (with initially A7's being awarded to people given the title for A8 well before an actual A8 was created) and this is driving a serial number 'mess'. The A8 is very prestigious though with (based on the Blue Bible list of less than 100 awardees) only a very limited number of people having been awarded this title annually. On the one hand a pity that we don't have a better way to get the background stories (only the lucky cases which have a document connected to the badge can be found back in the Blue Bible) as these are super rare. On the other hand, it's puzzling to me that Mongolia already had so many different awards (like State Prize for example) and just kept adding and adding. Makes me wonder about the criteria for being awarded X vs. Y.
  6. Nothing unfortunately. I would have been very curious to see how many members there'd be to get a sense for how much of a niche collecting area Mongolian orders/medals actually is
  7. Colonel Dandar was fortunate to have a grand daughter who wrote two books on him (in 2009 and 2019) incl. a lot of background information and pics. Unfortunately my Mongolian is 'rusty' but still nice to have these books as companion to the Gold Star and especially the pics.
  8. Finally got what appears to be a 'silver' badge for the Title of People's Merit. Only 2nd o 3rd time I've seen one of those in the market and very rare (based on the Blue Bible, less than 100 awarded). Unfortunately undocumented. The serial number of 7757 is 'odd' to say the least but an explanation will follow.
  9. Any real gold ones? Believe I've only seen (at an auction) a gold Ikom one once. They are a bit of an enigma.
  10. Great post - and banging my head that I only just read it. Wish you would have shared some more details! By the way, in light of your adventures I think you might like this book (a lot): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuva_or_Bust!
  11. Hi Sorin - do you know if it is possible to have an early numbered Romanian Hero of Labor gold star researched in the archives?
  12. Did not post this yet, but I was lucky to get an additional item confirmed to be belonging to Lodon come my way: his Medal 40 Years of the MPR... with a very low serial number of 00083 Doing my best to breath some life into this forum. I know there's still quite some collectors out there with rare items or just interesting translation of documents / research to post - would love to see some more of you posting! I have something special to post once I finally get my hands on it. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it'll be impossible for me to pick it up any time soon. The anticipation of finally having it in my hands is already a big part of the fun though. Another gap in my collection 'filled' which I never thought I'd be able to do anymore.
  13. Very useful thread. Question: how would you qualify the documented one on www.dmitrymarkov.com ?
  14. Nice posts, thanks. Too bad the numbered Skanderbeg was not documented - would have been interesting to see that (for the first time).
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