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  1. While my main collecting focus is Mongolian and Albanian and Queen Tamara, I find it hard to resist branching out occasionally. Most recently: Soviet labor awards groups including Order of Friendship of People and/or Order of October revolution. In this case, just in, a documented labor award group to a woman (Ismagamyetova Magavya Seilovna?) - lots of enamel with 7 orders! - Medal Mastering of Virgin Land, awarded in 1957 - Order of the Badge of Honor nr329458, awarded in 1960 - Order of the Red Banner of Labor nr 522840, awarded in 1967 - Medal 100 Years of the Birth of Lenin, awarded in 1970 - Order of the Badge of Honor nr 820054, awarded in 1971 - Order of the Red Banner of Labor nr 874299, awarded in 1973 - Order of the Badge of Honor nr 1085220, awarded in 1976 - Order of the Red Banner of Labor nr 1091706, awarded in 1980 - Labor Veteran Medal, awarded in 1983 - Order of Friendship nr 48854, awarded in 1984 A friendly fellow forum member pointed this group out to me and also provided some additional information. Apparently, the recipient was an Uzbek (or after all Kazakh?) part official. The group is not complete as she had also been awarded a high order of post-communist Uzbekistan and two Uzbek medals. Will put this on my parking list for research.
  2. With the current economic environment there is lot of items appearing as trees get shaken. Here is what just came into my hands - hero star with serial nr 20 assuming it is not an unawarded bank escapee (condition plus the high cost of such item for the mongolian government to reorder probably means it is not), my hunch is it was awarded to either of these two soviet cosmonauts: Nikolaev, Andrian Grigorevitsh, Gen-Major Aviation, 31.5.1965 Beljaev, Pavel Ivanovitsh, Col, 1967 will require patience to confirm
  3. A nice little group of documents cutting from communist to democrati times to one recipient who received a labour medal (1981), polar star (1988) and a SB order in 1993 with serial nr 1871. roughly around SB serial nr 1800-1825 did mongolia move from communism to Democracy any idea what the 2000 awarded badge was for?
  4. Type 1 hero of labor nr 306, probably awarded early 1980’s
  5. Already had a beige cased first class, here a dark blue cases blue enamel 3rd class
  6. Here is type 1 polar star nr 492 with mintmark NO
  7. Thanks Artan I referred to it as an "exceptional item" on purpose but perhaps should not have called it Albanian Would be interesting to know the story behind who pitched this to the auction house.
  8. I like watching the American Gun Chick vids for entertainment Glad to see there's more fans of this youtube subgenre!
  9. You’ll have to look on the Andreas Thies auction site incl registering to get a password and access to the mid july auction catalogue
  10. This other thread may also help Sure wish we had a SEPERATE dedicated section for Albanian items... like we use to have years ago! And another one to link
  11. Great post / pic! "From those data, a discount of about 20% should be made, which is given only the diploma not accompanied by the respective medal. " - any idea of why this would happen (eg. posthumous awardings?) Quite an impressive collection your friend has. I have a few Hero's but ever was able to see that many Hero of Labor stars which always surprised me as more of those would have been awarded.
  12. From the Andreas Thies auction coming up in July: ALBANIEN EHRENKETTE VON ALBANIEN 134 Ordensdekoration. Die Ordensdekoration in Form des albanischen Doppeladlers. Weißgold. Die Augen mit eingesetzten Rubinen. Auf dem aus Rotgold gefertigten Brustschild des Adlers ein Brillant. Auf der Rückseite gravierte Bezeichnung: „Skanderbegu“. Auf den rückseitigen Schwanzfedern Goldstempel „18K“. Extrem seltenes Exemplar einheimischer Fertigung. Laut Angaben des Einlieferers stammt dieses Stück aus den ersten Jahren der Volksrepublik Albanien und wurde in Anlehnung an die von König Zogu verliehene Ehrenkette von Albanien (1925 – 1931) die jedoch auch bereits zur Zeit der Republik ab 1922 existierte, für den jugoslawischen Staatschef Tito angefertigt. Dafür spricht die wertvolle Ausführung in Weißgold und der entsprechende Materialwert. Gewicht: 73,8 g Order Decoration. This decoration is in the form of an Albanian double headed eagle in white gold with rubies inset as eyes. The red gold crafted eagle breast plate features a single brilliant. The reverse is engraved with “Skanderbegu” and the tail feathers feature the gold hallmark “18K”. Extremely rare badge of local production. According to the consignor, this piece dates from the first years of the people’s Republic of Albania and was created for Marshal Tito based on the Chain of Honor of Albania (1925-1931). It was instituted by King Zogu but already existed at the time of the Republic in 1922. The high value of the white gold and the superior quality of this example speaks to it as a high-level award. Weight: 73.8 g Zustand/Condition 1 – 2. 8000 Tried to upload pics but not working right now for some reason.
  13. I am browsing through the Thies catalogue - such a shame these awards are not coming with documents. Over time the provenance of these items will be lost.
  14. If that is the movie I think it is then I have seen it and it is a complete piece of #%#$ This on the other hand is an excellent film with the Soviet/Afghanistan conflict as backround : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beast_(1988_film)
  15. Came across this interesting Wikipedia entry by coincidence https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_for_Hill_3234 39 Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan participated in this battle: - 2 awarded Hero of Soviet Union - the other 37 awarded both Order of Red Banner and Order of Red Star 6 out of the 39 were KIA and 28 were wounded in action Most decorated unit in a single battle (in Afghanistan)?
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