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    1. Anybody with an update on opportunities to research serial nr’d stars?
    2. Can the numbered editions of these and also the Hero of Labor be researched?
    3. I have the same one in my collection and coincidentally had it in my hands this week. i believe i posted about it in a different thread several years ago to which somebody replied clarifying the backgrouns of the award. You’ll have to do a search (i was not able to find it).
    4. Great find! I tried ordering the book online which is a real pain. In any case, it appears it is also accessible digitally: Sommario - numismaticadellostato.it
    5. Moved into a new house recently and pleased with my 'library' / man cave / working room which includes a LOT of books (incl. on Soviet, Mongolian, Albanian, DPRK, etc. orders/medals), antique furniture and some art. What's missing still is a nice ceiling lamp (preferably very flat) and the thought got under my skin of a Soviet era lamp with a strong communist vibe (e.g. hammer and sickle). Something similar to below (but then not as a wall mounted lamp but rather ceiling). This is just an example I found online. Not looking for an 'industrial' look, something more refined. Haven't been able to find something on ebay / invaluable.com. Any advice here on where to find genuine Soviet lamps in good condition and with an explicit (e.g. hammer/sickle) vibe to it? Thanks
    6. Cool! I hope to be visiting Baikonur later this year (assuming - no pun intended - all the stars align).
    7. City Hall: The President of Mongolia held a discussion with journalists on the draft law on state awards. (citizen-cityhall-gov-mn.translate.goog) This is a few years old but still quite interesting. The new designs and their execution are in my subjective view not an improvement but it is very nice to see the continuity vs. the old awards.
    8. PHOTO: Hero L. Dandar's story of bravery and life struggle (ikon-mn.translate.goog) Here a website with pictures of the introduction of one of the books on Dandar incl. pics of his Hero Star award booklet.
    9. Awards | Erdenet Mining Corporation (erdenetmc.mn) Interesting to see this mining corporation was the recipient of multiple awards incl. a modern Hero of Mongolia Been doing some googling and also found this interesting piece of info on Twitter - Tsedenbals Hero of Mongolia and Hero of Labour of Mongolia with booklets, both apparently in the inventory of the Mongolian National Bank
    10. And almost 15 years later this award popped up on a market in Mongolia and through good luck it found it way to me to be reunited with the rest of Jamyan’s awards in my collection. The manufacturer (Bertoni) is Italian and also produced the football world cup and european champions leqgue trophies for example.
    11. Many years have passed, but more may be coming again - fingers crossed!
    12. Greatly looking forward to seeing your book! I hope you post options here on GMIC to purchase it.
    13. Interesting - could you post a picture?
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