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  1. Nice posts, thanks. Too bad the numbered Skanderbeg was not documented - would have been interesting to see that (for the first time).
  2. I surprisingly managed to close some 'high end' gaps this past year. Will always be interested in (documented) screwback SB's as well as documented Soviet/Mongolian cross-over groups (dare I dream of an 'impossible' Albanian/Mongolian cross-over group?) but my real top 3 of 'wants' on my wish list are as follows: 1) Badge of the Hero of MPR (not the hero gold start but the one which looks like the Order of SB) 2) Order of the Red Banner of Labor Valor (1920's style, with the polar star white bands criss crossing the order) 3) Order of the Red Banner of Military / Combat Valor (i.e. old style with crossed sword/rifle at the bottom) awarding nr 2 or nr 3 I am skipping above the enamel ribbon I am still searching for for the Order of SB What are yours?
  3. Good question, impossible to answer unfortunately. I could just speculate.
  4. When the forum 'upgrade' happened a lot of pics were lost unfortunately :(
  5. Latest edition of JOMSA with a BEAUTIFUL Hero Star on the cover. Looking forward to read the article!
  6. Yeah, but every posting costs money (or not if you pull the posting before it ends?)
  7. Yes, yet I was told this one was much more expensive (despite appearing / being smaller). Perhaps it has to do with metal used more than the size.
  8. Apparently a first attempt at an Order of Victory. Design got rejected (for $$$ reasons) and that eventually led to the design as we now know it.
  9. There is 'copy' - or rather, a first attempt at an Order of Victory. Apparently it was rejected because it was even more expensive than the ones posted above (the final design). I'll post a pic here in a few minutes:
  10. You're being sarcastic, right? Wasn't it well over 20k USD?
  11. Thanks for flagging that auction. Not many Mongolian items but the prices were pretty good.
  12. I was in Georgia two weeks ago for business and vacation and ran into this picture at a local museum in Tbilisi - Friedrich Werner von der Schulenburgh, Consul of Germany in Georgia. Looks like he may be wearing a Tamara?
  13. at an insane price of almost 16k USD - ebay item: 202772118150 "Mongolia. Order of the Polar Star.№540 Sign of the CCT (Honorary State Security Officer), Mongolia (Mongolia), No. 20, silver, hot enamel, production of the USSR mint, excellent condition. The marks on the back of the mark are rectangular MTX, oval with a breakdown of 916 and a head, round with a head. Dimensions 44 x 26 mm. The circulation is about 1000 copies."
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TKgvirmnjM And a youtube video with some references to him riding on a horse with his sword attacking the enemy as well as a few pics showing him with all his awards.
  15. And right here on gmic a pic of Dandar wearing his hero star:
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