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  1. I recently received this Tamara plus document and (to my surprise) a bunch of additional documents about the Order of Queen Tamara in general incl scans of 2 additional award documents the writing on these docs is not always easy to decypher but my award document coming with the Tamara appears awarded to (Sergeant?) Herrmann Stelter from Sturmbataillon 10, correct? Also, this document has written in pencil on it “wintershagen bei neustadt” - any idea of what the significance of that could be? upon googling, it refers to "wintershagen bei neustadt in holstein" (northern germany) - why?
  2. Jan - yes, same source Lingqi - I saw that auction as well. My assumption was that the item you posted is authentic (I had underbid on it). Found it to be a rather odd auction (strange grouping of mongolian and non-mongolian items in the same lots). Some nice items (low serial nrs) but my auction funds had been deployed already so winded up underbidding on the few items which sparked my interest.
  3. Posted June 19, 2016 Who was awarded order Sukhbaatar #308? Unfortunately that serial number falls out of my small archive of names of awardees but I can confirm it was most likely awarded early 1960.
  4. Next up, another Khasan group and again to a pilot. Nikolai Petrovich Shvachkov - it comes with the orders book (incl. photo) and includes - early 'mirror' reverse order of Red Banner 5370 - order of Patriotic War 1st class 216832 - order of Red Star 2747830 The orders book also lists the medal for Combat Service, which is missing. Nr 2163108 Awarding of the Red Banner confirmed through the Hasan decree of Oct. 26, 1938, specifically for courage and bravery during defense of Lake Hasan area which does list Shvachkov: "On awarding orders and medals of the USSR
  5. To add to the Balduk group, after digging in my emails, from the 1938 Hasan decree: "FOR THE EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE OF COMBAT MISSIONS, FOR THE VALUE AND COURAGE EXPRESSED DURING THE DEFENSE OF THE KHASAN LAKE AREA, AWARD ORDER "RED STAR": 244. Lieutenant Balduk Yakov Artamonovich. Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR M. KALININ. Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR A. GORKIN. Moscow Kremlin. October 25, 1938" So that confirms the Mondvor Red Star was for Hasan as per the Lake Hasan awarding, decree of Oct. 25,
  6. Suddenly 2 groups appeared on the market for veterans of the Battle of Lake Khasan and - showing great lack of discipline on my part - I could not help but jump on to them and get them in my decreasingly focused collection. First up, a small group to Balduk Yakov Artamonovich, a pilot at the battle of Lake Khasan. Consists of an award booklet (including a picture) and 3 red stars: - 4592 (Mondvor red star) - 189104 - 2692863 I am a little bit confused how this is reflected in the research which I will also attach. It makes reference to an Order of the Red Banner while
  7. Aha - it's a small world
  8. A forum friend was finetuning his collection whereas my collection was expanding 'back' into new territories (Soviet Awards, mainly civilian, something I had stepped away from 15 years ago to focus on Mongolian/Albanian) and it presented an opportunity to add a cased, issued and researched but unfortunately undocumented Order of Personal Courage to my collection. Something I'd had on my list for a long time but shied away from for financial and 'authenticity' reasons. The order (nr 005771) was awarded in 1989 to Leonid Alexandrovich Lavrishchev (born 1960), instructor of the MINSTROYA, Do
  9. It appears that way on the picture but the ribbon isn't long enough to put over (any) head. I suspect part of the suspension (pin?) is just missing. In another thread there's a FN medal awarded on the exact same date to a different person. Nice coincidence.
  10. Had trouble attaching the pics earlier, so here it goes
  11. I recently acquired attached Florence Nightingale medal awarded in 1931 to Minna Weiss. Been on the look out for one for many years but the ones I ran into were either in museums (I recall seeing quite a few displayed at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra) or, very few cases, far too expensive for my taste at dealers/auctions. More research to do, but it seems like Minna Weiss was a German nurse who also spent time (with her husband, a physician) in the German colonies in Africa. "Die Bethel Mission, als Evangelische Missionsgesellschaft für Deutsch-Ostafrika 1886 ge
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bullypulpitgames/night-witches?ref=discovery&term=soviet
  13. Using google search and google translator i managed to get 37 pages of English translated documentation about Magavya Seilovna Ismagambetova - much of it far too detailed to post here but her 'history' really comes to life. A few highlights below A retiree went to a meeting honoring veterans and the 20th anniversary of the move of the Kazakh capital city and mentioned: “In life, my curator is Magavya Seilovna Ismagambetova, the former secretary of the Tselinograd regional party committee for ideology. She has a lot of experience working with people. And on the affairs of the vet
  14. Coming back on the large Magavya Seilovna Ismagambetova labor group posted above. first, the lady herself second, earlier pics of the group several steps before it came into my possession... boxes and several Kazakh awards unfortunately went missing...
  15. Thanks to a fellow collector I was pointed to a lot of information available onlne re the Ismagambetova group. She was pretty much a civil service 'celebrity' in Kazakhstan. She passed away several years ago and that added to already a lot of info on her being available online. "On June 7, 2013, after a serious illness, at the age of 82, Magavya Seilovna Ismagambetova, a well-known party and Soviet worker of the country, a pensioner for special services to the Republic of Kazakhstan, an honorary citizen of Akmola region, died." There was also a detailed description of her funera
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