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    German Ribbon Bars From The Finnish Front

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    Guest Rick Research

    First, a sew-on bar (Feldgrau backing) to someone I keep hoping will turn up someday in a photo of a General Staff officer:

    1939 EK2, Army 12, Army 4, Sudeten 1938, Japanese Sacred Treasure, two Rumanian war awards--the first in Commander grade reduced "Kleindekoration" form of wear, a military award of the Lion of Finland Order (quite rare), and a REPEAT award of the Finnish Cross of Liberty 3rd Class on military ribbon. That's TEN awards on a nine ribbon bar, for a Major.


    1939 EK2, 1939 KVK2X, 1941/42 East Medal, NSDAP 10 Years Service Cross, Finnish Cross of Liberty 4th Class with the correct military suspension device, and Finnish Cross of Liberty 3rd Class with military device. No way to guess rank from an NS long service, but the Finnish awards were given by rank, suggesting someone first decorated as a grade of Lieutenant (4th) and then decorated again as a Captain (3rd). (A repeat of the same WW2 grade got the oakleaf device shown in the upper bar.) German ribbon bars more often have the usual "X" crossed swords, since presumably the Finnish devices weren't readily available. German regulations stated that foreign awards were to be worn "in the order received," which is why a senior decoration here is AFTER a lower grade. Often the more logical "highest first" was used.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Here's a new one (lower, for size with one shown above) today thanks to Evil Ricky Home Delivery--

    15mm RCM and Sudeten ribbons, and 30mm Finnish Cross of Liberty with a 4th Class Military device of the size for a 15mm ribbon-- not that I have ever SEEN a larger size ribbon bar device.

    This was MADE this way on a German 4-15mm spaces ribbon bar. I guess this guy (senior NCO or Leutnant) wanted his allies to know he was a "friendly!"


    The "wrestling donut" device's prongs are on the outer sides of the wreath, so as these all are, they are usually found pinned under between the back of the ribbon and the top of the metal ribbon bar back plate.


    Most often plain old German Xs were used.

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