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    In his chapter on the devaluation of the 1914 Iron Cross Wernitz uses a Photograph of Obermusikmeister Heinlein of the bayerischen Ulanen-Regiment Nr. 1 to show a soldier who was awarded a potentially underserved Iron Cross 1st Class. Heinlein is standing there in what is probably a postwar photo proudly wearing an EK1.

    I disagree with the devaluation arguments in General but was interested in following the Heinlein story to see how he could have wangeled the award, adding to the "devaluation".

    Regimental Musicians were used in wartime as stretcher bearers, they had many chances to prove their bravery under fire.

    An Obermusikmeister would possibly have had the opportunity to show bravery.

    So, I took the effort to look through the rolls of all the Heinleins.... In the case of Obermusikmeister Heinlein it is not the failure of the award system but rather of his own integrity. According to his records, confirmed by an added note in 1942, he was not entitled to wear the Iron Cross 1st Class,

    He was with the regiment from the first to last day of the war, he was entitled to the EK2, BMVK and DA.

    We get angry about modern day Walts.... I think back then there were just as many ;-)






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