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    3rd Pattern Tombak Juncker Flak Badge - Show yours!

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    Those Badges seems to be a little rar - if you have one please feel free to show it!

    I will start - its the one my Uncle got - it came in a blue Etui. It has a repair on the Barrel Hinge.



    I dont know why but i cant add fotos... for some reason i cant click "Choose files - and cant also drag the files :/









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    Ok looks like it works now - via mobile phone
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    A very nice "Berlin SW 68" marked 3rd pattern Flak Badge. A lot of Juncker Flak badges are often regarded as fakes due to poor production strikes, but this one is a crisp example..Juncker at its best.

    This badge type can be found with both round wire as well as the flat wire catch that this badge has. The repair to the hinge pin only adds to the history of the piece, imo..... and wonderful that it remains in the family.

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    Thank you very much!  Yes im proud that this piece and a photo from my uncle are in my Hands. Those are the only things from him that survived the war. 

    Yes you are right. Many of those self called "experts" told me that the badge is fake. Even weitze told me that the badge is fake - i just asked them because everyone told me its fake. 

    But i know its was real. But never has the proof in my Hands. 

    So i looked a long time for the "Flak Badges Book" and finaly got the pages who shown this badge. 

    No worrys i never will sold it - buts its nice to show it those who called it a fake on. 


    Sorry for the long Text






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