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Otto Schickle of Pforzheim. This combines the original 1938 pre-war catalogue with a 1940 wartime supplement.

Unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists, there is no mystery about this publication. It was bought from one of Helmut Weitze's site back in 2004. I bought it purely and simply because it identified the probable third maker of the "Zimmermann" type U-Boat Badge (three distinct types being known, two of which identifiable through marked examples as B H Mayer and Zimmermann, the third type always being unmarked).

Having got the information from it I needed on their KM badges, and having no great interest in the majority of items in it, I happily traded it for a nice U-Boat Badge whose value was greater than the catalogue. How many other hands it may have passed through since I traded it I neither know nor care.

In addition to the more "run-of-the-mill" stuff, Schickle offered the Knight's Cross, SS Long Service Medals with round suspension rings, Pour le Merite, and the Legion Condor Tank Badge amongst a rather wide range of Spanish Civil War stuff.

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