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    Orders and Medals of Socialist Albania

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    Hello there,

    i have a very small collection of albanian orders and medals and i wonder, what else is out there. I don´t see them very often on the market, so they either pretty scarce or the have no market at all. I  have no idea, what it is.

    However, here is, what i have:


    Medal "Remembrance 1942-43"


    made by IKOM Zagreb



    an Order of Labor 3rd class


    it has a simple pinback supension on the reverse



    Medal for Bravery Obverse


    Medal for Bravery reverse



    Medal for the Liberation of the Country obverse(comes with a yellow ribbon)


    Medal for the Liberation of the Country reverse is plain



    Lets see, what you have...


    all the best,


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    1 hour ago, Megan said:

    Enjoy Albania...

    You'll be wanting a copy of Eric Shena's The Decorations of Socialist Albania - available as a free PDF here: http://www.gmic.co.uk/uploads/Albania2.pdf


    Thanks, Megan.

    I have a hardcopy from Eric´s book, as i helped him a little bit with material for his book back then, but thanks for the link, its good to have a copy on the computer too.

    Edit: I just noticed, its an extended version. Even better!

    Edited by Gerd Becker
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