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    I have been at it again. Names please.

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    The latest addition to my KLM collection.  Could I get some help on the names?  One is from the coat and the other from the vest.  I believe the last names are pretty straight forward but their initials are a mystery.  Could Kaiser be spelled Kayser?

    reefer a1.jpg

    reefer a9.jpg

    reefer a10.jpg

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    Hello Jeff!

    The first label says:

    Leutnant zur See Kaiser

    (service on S.M.S. Hertha)

    The second label says:

    Kapitänleutnant der Seewehr Kayser

    (service Landwehrbezirk IIIHamburg, IX.Armeekorps)

    Wilhelmshaven, Januar 1915

    Here are the entries of the ranklist 1914

    Screenshot (146).png

    Screenshot (147).png

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