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    Some unidentified Austrian award recipients

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    Attached is a list of officers who were Austro-Hungarian recipients of the Schaumburg-Lippe Kreuz für Treue Dienste.  Unfortunately, many of the names appear to be misspelled and I cannot figure out who several of them are. The names are fairly clear, but except for Kinsky, Tutschner and a misspelled Seyffertitz, I cannot find matches in the k.u.k. Ranglisten or Schemastismuses (Schematismi?).  Can anyone help figure them out?  This is a scan of a copy of a microfilm image, so the quality is not that great.

    629    "Bernds" - ???
    630    "Frhr. v. Seiffertih" = Theobald Frhr. v. Seyffertitz
    631    "von Bogun" - ???
    632    "Graf Kinsky, Rudolf" = Rudolf Graf Kinsky v. Wchinitz u. Tettau
    633    "Anber, Erich" ??? - maybe Erich Czuber?
    634    "Tutschner, Franz" - richtig, aber Hptm. im TelegrR, nicht Ingen.
    635    "Roday, Erich" - ???


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    Hi Dave,

    are you sure all should be Austrians?

    I could find Bogun von Wa(n)genheim als preuß. Hauptmann in 1892.

    Bernds, Armeegeneralstabschef beim II. Armeekommando (I could not find him too)

    von Bogun, Generalstabsoberst beim II. Armeekommando (no find)

    Anber Erich, Rittm. im 1. Drag.Regiment, persönl. Adjutant des Korpskommandanten (no find)

    Roday Erich, Oberstabsarzt und Sanitätschef des 9. Korps (no find)

    I tried to find out in Haus-, Hof- und Staatshandbuch 1918, Landwehrschematismus 1913 and Schematismus für das k.u.k. Heer 1916.

    Bernds could be Berndt? There are listed some of them in S 16.

    When does the list date?






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    These were the second group of Austro-Hungarian officers awarded the Kreuz für Treue Dienste. Another bunch were awarded in October 1915:

    Králiček, Rudolf, Feldm.Lt., Komm.Gen. 9.Armeekorps
    Iwański v. Iwanina, Artur, Gen.Maj.
    Krammer v. Marchau, Gustav, Oberst, Gen.St.Chef 9.Armeekorps
    Bayer, ______, Oberstlt., Gen.St. 11.Armeekorps
    Gariboldi, Robert Ritter v., Rittm., 1.Drag.Rgt.

    Thomschits, Rudolf, OLt.i.d.R., Feldjäg.Btl.11, Verwalter i.d. Herrschaft Darda
    Ratzenböck, Viktor, Lt.i.d.R., 76.Inf.Rgt., Adjunkt i.d. Herrschaft Darda
    Hager, Gottfried, Lt.i.d.R., 7.Art.Et.Kdo., Adjunkt i.d. Herrschaft Darda

    The Herrschaft Darda was a Fürstlich Schaumburg-Lippe Domäne in what is now Croatia and Bosnia.

    I looked up Otto Ritter von Berndt online, and, to my pleasant surprise, in his picture on Wikipedia, he is indeed wearing the Kreuz für Treue Dienste under the Iron Cross 2nd Class.


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