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    Nybdadbpurchased this from a friend more than 20 years ago. Story goes this was one of Hitler's 4 henchmen bayonets. It was purchased from an estate sale of a highly regarded ww2 collector. We are trying to find out of this is a true period piece and not a repriduction. We're there any bayonets produced with no markings on it? We are collectors ourselves and would like to be educated on the authenticity of the bayonet. Thanks in advance. I have photos and they aren't uploading for me. 


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    Hi, sorry but this is posted in the wrong section, the picture is poor and most such bayonets have been ruined with fake etching.  I doubt the etching was period done, these have been kicking about since at least the 1970's and it probably ruined an original bayonet.  Just my opinion.

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    I agree with Jerry....the 70's saw a lot of etched bayonets hitting the market...some quite well done, using original templates..... some with fantasy artwork.

    I wouldn't write this one off just yet as the etching appears to have certain elements that were used by the firm F.W Holler - Solingen.

    The problem with etched bayo's is that even with decent pictures it's hard to give an opinion without having the piece in hand    

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