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    • 6 years later...

    Dear Gentlemen,


    I think it could be this man :


    -google translation of a paragraph of this link 傅式説 - Wikipedia


    "In March 1940 (29th year of the Republic of China), he joined Wang Jingwei 's Nanjing National Government , and was appointed director of the Ministry of Railways and designated member of the Central Political Commission (he has served four terms since then). In August, he became the managing director and general secretary of the China-Japan Cultural Association. In December he served as a member of the National Economic Commission. In August, he became a member of the Executive Yuan Political Affairs Committee, and furthermore became the Chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Government and Director General of the Civil Affairs Department. After that, he served as a member of the Kiyosato Committee and a member of the New National Movement Promotion Committee."


    Your sincerely,

    No one

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    • 1 month later...

    A small addition.


    His name translated into English not as Zhejiang Fù but Fu Shiyue.




    One character from obverse inscription is also missing.

    Almost not readable but this is .






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    Dear Japan,


    I know the name is "Fù Shìyuè". Zhejiang being the name of the province. 


    It's in the link I provided 傅式説 - Wikipedia :




    I should have written "Presented by Fu, chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Government".


    My apologies for this unforgivable oversight. I left out the first sinograph (Hanzi), indeed "Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum":




    Yours sincerely,

    No one



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