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    Double Valor Group

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    Good day,
    I recently purchased a nice worn looking double Valor grouping with the following serial numbers:
    2921984 and 3221507 which from my understanding appear to have been awarded in early and late 1945 respectively, please correct me if I am off.
    Interesting to note is the Capture of Berlin has a Military Merit Medal (un-numbered) attached to the ribbon, I wonder the circumstances in which that was mounted. The group appears nicely worn and authentic though I do not have it yet in my possession. Has anyone encountered an award on a campaign ribbon before? Does that make the group more suspect or perhaps just an interesting history?
    Soviet awards are not my main focus but I do find them intriguing, my other two sets previously posted include substantial documentation which I prefer and they also all seem to have a connection with the Liberation of Prague. As always I welcome any further information or thoughts.


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    Thanks Paul, I am very pleased with the set and kind thanks to Ferdinand for assisting with the research and translation! I am happy to report the double Valours are to the same recipient - Guards Sergeant Pyotr Vasilyevich Nikolayevsky from Ukraine with the following two citations:

    The Medal for Courage to:


    8Junior Sergeant Pyotr Vasilyevich Nikolayevsky, mortar layer in the 2nd Mortar Company, for the fact that he on April 30, 1945, during the fighting for the village of Halbe, killed a German heavy machine-gun crew with mortar fire.


    Born in 1925; Ukrainian; not a party memberdrafted on April 10, 1944 by the Military Commissariat of the Ruzhin Raion, Zhitomir OblastAt the front since July 1944, serving on the 1st Ukrainian Front. He has not been wounded or decorated.


    The Medal for Courage to:


    11. Guards Sergeant Pyotr Vasilyevich Nikolayevsky, squad leader in the 2ndSubmachine-Gun Company, for the fact that he on February 24, 1945, during the fighting on the Neisse River, covered the rifle units and repelled an enemy counterattack. While serving as a mortar team leader, he aimed his mortar accurately, suppressed 2 enemy firing positions, and killed more than 10 Hitlerites with his submachine gun. He saw frontline service from December 1944 onward and was slightly wounded three times.


    Born in 1925; Ukrainian; not a party member; drafted on April 10, 1944 by the Military Commissariat of the Ruzhin Raion, Zhitomir Oblast. At the front since July 1944, serving on the 1st Ukrainian Front. He has not been wounded or decorated.


    Interesting to note on his record of awards it does not indicate the Liberation of Prague as of May 1947 but does include his Capture of Berlin and Victory Over Germany. Very pleased with it overall.




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