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    3/spzjgAbt 653 Jagertiger

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    I seem to have answered my own question?

    What a cracking bit of kit!!!!!


    Crew : 6

    Engine power : 600 hp

    Combat weight :70,000 kg (154,350 lb)

    Max speed : road 37 km/h (22.98 mph)

    Length : 10.65 m (34.94 ft)

    Range : 170 km (105.57 miles)

    Width : 3.63 M (11.91 ft)

    Main gun : 128 mm(5.04 in)

    Height : 2.95 m (9.68 ft)

    Armour : 40 mm (1.58 in) to 250 mm (9.85 in)

    The Jagdtiger was based on the Tiger II which already had a powerful 88 mm(3.47 in)gun.But the Jagdtiger went one better it was armed with a 128 mm(5.04 in)gun 55 calibre long by far the most powerful anti-tank weapon used in action during World War II.It could destroy any Allied tank it hit from far beyond the effective range of most Allied guns.

    The Jagdtiger was a massive 70 tonne(77.1 US tons)vehicle with its limited-traverse gun mounted in a large fixed turret were sloping plates manufactured in one piece with the sides of the hull.Retaining the Tiger II engine it was underpowered but it was to prove a superb defensive weapon platform.Despite the top priority given to the Jagdtiger production it suffered from the same difficulties as the Tiger II - Allied bombing and raw material shortages.

    Production began in July 1944 but by the time the War ended only 77 Jagdtigers had been delivered just sufficient to equip two special Panzer battalions.One battalion was used during the Ardennes offensive and later saw combat in Holland.The other fought in the East taking part in the desperate defence of Budapest in 1945.Few Jagdtiger survived the war for many were destroyed by their own crews to prevent them being captured intact.One of the few surviving examples is on display at Bovington tank museum.

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