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    Here is a e-mail sent to me by a medic in Iraq

    Chris, I wanted to share the below email with you and also something that happened the other day. I was sitting in the DFAC (dining hall) when a soldier walked up to me and asked if he could give me a hug. I said sure. He hugged me and told me that I had given his squad angels a few months ago and that ever since then no one had gotten hurt. He kissed me on the forehead saying "this is from me", kissed me again "this is from my wife" and kissed me one more time "this is from my kids". He was on his way to Kuwait and then home. Your angels have become a hot item over here and departing troops are handing them over to the new guys as they come in. We hand them out daily to civilians and military alike. I gave angels to some Iraqi National Guard guys and they were so excited. One of them gave me prayer beads in exchange, another handed me a knife and a third gave me a can of room deodorizer - not sure about that last one but it sure smells good!

    We are now known as the "Scania Angels" - it is pretty cool and worth every cent! Thanks - Mikii

    Carry a guardian angel pocket coin.

    Get your pocket guardian angel coins

    The same coin carried by US troops in Iraq.

    The pocket angel coin will protect around the clock..

    Finished in genuine pewter.

    Makes a great give away item at a great price, hand out to family and friends.


    Measures 3/4"L x 3/4"W. Buy direct and $ave.

    Makes a great give away item at a great price, hand out to family and friends. Add $4.00 s/h unlimited

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    • 7 years later...

    I am desperately trying to find one of these coins. I served in Scania Iraq and was given this coin with Scania embossed on the back. I gave this guardian angel to my wife before departing on another deployment, but to Afghanistan. She carried this coin with her in her purse. She tucked it away in her wallet. In December of 2009, while I was deployed. She was in a pretty bad automobile accident. Someone pulled onto the highway and basically plowed her over. The car was totaled, and she suffered a broken arm. She told me later that somehow, this coin was ejected from her purse and it ended up by her feet in the floorboard. I don't have a clue how this happened, as it was tucked in her purse. The lid from her drink that was in cupholder in the console ended up close to where the coin ended up. Te console of the Mustang was even shifted by the impact.

    What I am trying to get around to is....when she was able to go collect more items from the car, she discovered that the ppl had not secured it and every CD (except the one in player) a complete case. was taken. They did it the easy way and just took the case too. BUT,,,,,,what really is bothering her is.....the coin disappeared as well. People can be so evil. The coin has stayed on her mind. I gave her the coin and I so wish that I could find another. I've searched and searched trying to replace it. The back had Scania on it. Whoever took these things must have thought it was really valuable. They are probably still trying to figure out what a scania is. LOL I live in Georgia. There is no explaination as to how this coin go out of her wallet,,,,,and then the purse and landed by her left foot. If anyone knows where I could get another one with Scania on the back. Please let me know? Thanks!

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